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Why might railroads be even more important to the us industrialization than to that of Britain ?(1800)

More broad transportation with vast networks may be needed for US to transport industrial materials and goods than Britain! :)

During the 1500’s, most rulers supported established ______________. a. political systems c. freedom of speech b. churches d. None of the above




It was a great way to control the society and to enlarge their power, by supporting established churches rulers of different countries, in this time most rulers were monarch, that needed the support of the church to legitimate their power since they were rulers sent by God to rule over the kingdom, this is way the power of churches was helpful for the monarchies and this is why they decided to support them and gave them power.

How d o you think industrialized nations chose the area they would colonize?(1800)

I supposed based on:

- transportation accessibility
- energy supplies
- profitable areas (trading centres)

7.8 billion pounds of candy per year how much per month per person with 303 million people

7.8 billion/12 is how much per month:
7,800,000,000/12 = 650,000,000 candy per month.

To find out per person, divide the total amount of candies by the months in a year, then divide that amount to the population.
7,800,000,000/12 = 650,000,000
650,000,000/303,000,000 = 2.14 (Round down) = 2

Per month: 650,000,000 candies
Per person: 2 candies

Which place could you round to so that rounded populations of all three cities are the same

Is there supposed to be a picture with this? Stating the 3 cities and their population, or do assumptions need to be made?

How can you predict a child'a height?

A child height can be very tall or short

How long have mandalas been around??

From the 4th century to the present.

Uranus and Neptune are sometimes called "ice giants" because they contain large amounts of which substances? Select all that apply? a) water b) oxygen

Hi !
Uranus and Neptune are sometimes called "ice giants" because they contain large amounts of which substances? 
a) water

Mark got a 20% raise for his salary. If this salary was $1,800, what is his new salary

We have to find what 20% of $1,800 is. 

We can do this by multiplying 0.20 and $1,800
Lets do that :)

0.20 x $1,800 = $360 

Now we know that 20% of $1,800 is $360 

Since it is asking for his new salary with an extra 20%
we add $1,800 and $360  

$1,800 + $360 = $2,160 

This means that mark's new paycheck is $2,169 

Good Luck! :)

Why might working on a commission basis make dealing with finances more difficult?

Being paid on commission means that a person is paid a percentage of the sales that he or she makes. When people are paid totally on commission, they are not receiving a salary or an hourly rate, but rather are paid only according to the sales dollars they bring in. This has both advantages and disadvantages.
Not making sales would make dealing with finances difficult

What is radio isotopes?

Any of the same chemical element with different masses whose nuclei are unstable and gets energy by emitting radiation in the form of alpha, beta, and gamma rays.

There are twenty different types of ?

There are 20 different types of Pringles

The region not affected by the great fear?

Alsace,Lorraine, and Bordeaux remained unaffected by the great fear.

Factorizing and solving quadratic 2x^2+7x+3

There are 2 possible answers to this question, -3 and -1/2 :)

What is the opposite of osmosis

It is the Free Diffusion, and or dissolving, of solutes.

Write the ratio 42 inches to 9 feet as a fraction in simplest form

Ratio: 42 : 9

42/9 as a fraction is simplest form: 14/3

How do u divide fraction?

You divide the top from the bottom like " 2/4(2÷4)=1/2(1÷2=) or 0.5"

What's greater 1/2 gallon or 2 liters

They look like... 
a 2 liter is like the big bottles that coke come in 
and 1/2 a gallon is the smaller bottle of milk