What does achieving mastery mean to you?

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Achieving mastery means etching the topic at hand into my mind and fully understanding the material.

If I am able to teach this topic at hand thoroughly without missing one point to someone else who is able to understand me and write down what I taught him/her later, I have achieved mastery of the topic at hand.
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In humans and other mammals, dosage compensation is achieved by

Silencing of one of the x chromosome in human female

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How can an individual most likely achieve optimal personal health? a. by controlling heredity factors b. by assessing lifestyle and environmental risks in conjunction with heredity c. through personalized medicine d. through vitamin and mineral supplementation


The most appropriate answer would be option b.

One cannot control heredity factors as they are chosen randomly by nature. However, one can assess his or her lifestyle and environmental risks associated with heredity factors in order to live a healthy life.

For example, diabetes is heredity in nature however, one can reduce the chances of developing diabetes by changing his or her lifestyle. Active lifestyle, exercise, healthy eating habits et cetera help in reducing the chances of developing diabetes.

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Emma has a hard time losing weight and is struggling to achieve a healthy weight. Pictures of her grandmother show that she was always a healthy weight at Emma's age, and Emma wants to be more like that. What is likely different about Emma's lifestyle and her life expectancy compared to her grandmother's generation?

Well in her grandmother's generation they did not have electronics and such things like that to keep them in the house all day. People in the old days would actually go outside and play for hours and play sports. As for Emma's generation she has television, phones, tablets, xbox, ect. Keeping her in the house and not working as hard.

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Which of the following is the most important factor in achieving sustainability? a. ending nonrenewable resource use b. agricultural practices c. resource management d. ending pesticide use

Answer: Resources Management


Sustainable Development can be defined as the managing the resources in a way that it can be used today in a proper way and saving rest of the resources effectively for the future.

This can be managed by using the resources according to the need of the people not as greed of the people. Managing the resources in a proper way will save it for future too.

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Identifying an individual’s genetically influenced health risks could increase their potential to achieve optimal health. TRUE OR FALSE

Yes. This is TRUE. If you know you are at risk for a certain disease, you would avoid things that could potentially trigger it.

Good luck my man.

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During binary fission, each copy of the duplicating chromosome moves to opposite ends of the cell. What does this achieve?

It ensures that each daughter cell obtains one copy of the chromosome

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What does this imply about human achievement when he is compared with vincent

During a scene in GATTACA, Vincent’s parents visited a doctor who specialized in child conception to select for the best traits for his future brother. They hoped that his brother would have the best possible chances for a successful life. Some of the traits mentioned in GATTACA included intelligence, height, and any possibility of inheritable diseases. If you decide to have a child one day and are given the opportunity to select for special traits, would you do so? Why or why not? If I decide to have a child, I would definitely not select for special traits, because of a few reasons. The reasons fit mainly into two categories: ethical and biological concerns, and then concerns for the psyche of the child. There may be issues with doing this, and I don’t think it is right to try and engineer a child. But ultimately, the problem is that the child shouldn’t feel like their life has already been chosen for them, which is why I am wholly against this idea. There are many ethical and biological concerns with doing this. I don’t think it would be considered right, especially religiously, to ‘edit’ people and try to control their lives. Even as someone who doesn’t really believe in God, it is still not okay to choose and set your child’s destiny. It should simply happen naturally and be up to the child as to what they want to make of their life. Biologically, there may be issues with editing genes. If everyone starts changing the genes of their children, most people will want similar kind of genes, which will start to limit the human gene pool further than it already is. If any sort of new virus or bacteria strikes, this will limit our ability to adapt, and could cause the extinction of our species. There is a reason that everyone isn’t the same, and it is to allow for Natural Selection and evolution. Therefore we should go against child-engineering. The other huge negative impact of this is on the child themselves. I think that no child should believe that their abilities and limits were created before the were conceived. Genes do not define everything, because nurture counts for a lot, as does the will of the child. I think the child should simply be born naturally, and then they should be allowed to do whatever they want. Once you define them using genes, you don’t only push them up, but you also constrain them. What they are supposed to be capable of doesn’t actually matter. What matters is what they believe they are capable of. And if you don’t edit the genes of the child, they are effectively capable of anything. For these two reasons I would choose not to edit the genes of my child. It would help the human race as a whole, because we need a diverse gene pool to survive any sort of apocalyptic event. What I would care about more though is what my child believes about their own self. Gene engineering is very valid from the parents point of view; its simply the parent trying to help their child succeed. But the children need to be let go, to be free, and they need to control their own destiny. Because if they are not told what they can do, they can believe that they can do anything. yeah beat that

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1. List and explain the difference between the minimum voltage and maximum voltage achieve in a nerve impulse.

The minimum voltage is observed as the resting potential of the cell membrane. This has a value of -70 millivolts and exists when there is no stimulus present. After a stimulus is applied, the sodium-potassium channels allow the movement of ions in and out of the cell membrane. Before the channel is able to close again and restore itself to the resting potential, hyperpolarization occurs and a maximum voltage of about 30-40 millivolts is achieved. 

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A sperm cell is produced by spermatogenesis. In order for the sperm cell to achieve a diploid state, what must occur? A) The sperm cell must undergo meiosis. B) The sperm cell must undergo mitosis. C) The sperm cell must fertilize an egg. D) The sperm cell must divide by cleavage.

C) The sperm cell must fertilize an egg

-This occurs in the intercourse stage, unfortunately not all sperm cells make it...

Hope this Helps!

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Which of the following can be accurately said about climax communities? A. Climax communities are always stable. B. Restoration of the original climax community may not always happen. C. Restoration of the original climax community is always achieved at the same rate. D. Climax communities are always uniform.

Answer: D. Climax communities are always uniform.

An ecological succession involves a series of changes that occurs in the biotic community of the ecosystem with respect to changes in the abiotic factors (temperature, soil, sunlight, rainfall) and time until the ecosystem attains uniformity and stability. A climax community is the last stage of ecological succession where no further changes takes place in an biotic community inhabiting in the ecosystem and there will not be drastic changes in the abiotic factors (temperature, sunlight, soil). On reaching upto climax community, the simple communities are replaced by those of more complex communities which are final communities inhabiting in an ecosystem. Therefore, climax communities are always uniform.

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When the concentration of solute and solvent are equal on both sides of the membrane. It has achieved a state of osmotic equilibrium.?

Yes it is true, that when a solute and solvent are equal on both sides of the membrane it has achieved an osmotic equilibrium. Osmosis refers to the spontaneous movement of solvent molecules through a semi-permeable membrane. Usually the movement is that the solvent moves from a higher solute concentration into a direction that it tends to equalize both solute concentrations on both sides. 

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[15 POINTS] In 2003, a scientific advancement occurred that, almost certainly, will revolutionize medical health. What was this achievement?


The correct answer is that the DNA of human was completely mapped.


The Human Genome Project refers to a scientific research project that got started in 1990 and eventually got completed in 2003. The prime objective of the project was to decode the nucleotide sequence of human DNA and to perform identification and mapping of all the genes found in the genome of a human being. It took almost thirteen years to completely determine the sequence of human DNA.

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How is this circular motion achieved? Heat ‘"pushes" the magma up, and when it hits the lithosphere it is pushed back down towards the core. Heated magma is magnetic and is drawn to the lithosphere where it loses its magnetic force and drops back down due to gravity. Heated magma rises from the core, but rocks in the asthenosphere block the magma on each side, causing it to move in small circles. Hot magma rises and pushes up toward the lithosphere, and as it cools it cycles back down toward the core to be heated again.


Hot magma rises and pushes up toward the lithosphere, and as it cools it cycles back down toward the core to be heated again.


  • Inside the earth's mantle, magma is heated by the heat resulting from the friction of the core active particles and the heat from when the earth was formed.
  • The heated magma rises, in a similar way like boiling water. When the magma reaches to the top, it cools from the crust and sinks back down to the core.  
  • Like boiling water, magma creates movement of a circular motion known as convection currents. These convection currents are responsible for the movement of the plate tectonics across the earth.

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Energy sustainability can best be achieved by using ______. a. nonrenewable energy sources b. renewable energy sources c. carbon sequestration d. recycled plastics

The correct answer is:

b. renewable energy sources


Renewable energy is energy that is obtained from renewable resources, which are naturally provided on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat. Renewable energy compares to the provision of energy via renewable sources which are simply replaced fast enough as being used.

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What are three organ systems that work together to achieve a successful pregnancy

1. respiratory system
2. endocrine system
3. circulatory system

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Identify three organ systems that work together to achieve a successful pregnancy

Im pretty sure the answer would be the endocrine system, the nervous system, and the respiratory system 

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What does working in cooperation mean? being active and innovative getting your own work done taking ownership of your tasks sharing responsibilities and using individual talents to achieve goals collectively

Working in cooperation means to share responsibilities and using individual talents to achieve goals collectively. Please know that this is a guess of my own, I do not necessary have an applicable answer for here.

Hope this answers your question correctly.

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It can be said that metabolism and homeostasis are related. Why can you not achieve homeostasis without metabolism? A. Metabolism is all chemical reactions in a body therefore building and breaking down molecules will allow for the correct balance of conditions on the body which is homeostasis. B. Metabolism is the constant set of conditions in the body that is achieved by the building and breaking down of molecules during homeostasis. C. Homeostasis and metabolism do not have a relationship. One does not have an effect on the other.

The right answer is A.

Metabolic homeostasis is provided by a set of interactions between the central nervous system (CNS) and peripheral tissues. The CNS controls the periphery by regulating the fraction of energy that enters the body (caloric intake) and that which emerges from it.

To perform this role, the CNS receives signals from peripheral organs and provides information on peripheral metabolism, as well as the extent of the reserves available to the body.

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The best way to achieve fear free restraint is

The Fear-Free™ initiative, with Dr. Marty Becker at its head, promotes the practices, methods, and tools that calm veterinary patients and create low-stress environments to encourage better healthcare, more satisfied and compliant clients, a happier staff, and a healthier bottom line. Here are 10 steps toward Fear-Free™ visits to take the “pet” out of “petrified” and get pets back into your practice. 

1. Help the pet owner deliver a calm pet to your clinic. The Fear-Free™ veterinary visit (like pain control) is best created with a multimodal approach that must involve the pet owner. The owner’s role in taking a pet to the veterinarian must fundamentally change. The owner should condition the pet to the carrier or restraint device and to car rides long before the day of the veterinary visit. Cats should be allowed to use their carriers daily as a resting place so that the carrier is familiar and comfortable, rather than something associated with a frightening car ride. Also, you and your veterinary team should learn to detect fear early by asking owners about the anxiety their pets experience. If you don’t ask, you may miss it. Don’t wait for advanced signs, such as a dog hiding under the exam room chair or a cat lashing out.

To keep the pet calm on the day of an appointment, instruct pet owners to use Adaptil™ or Feliway® pheromones (Ceva), calming nutraceuticals, and carrier covers. Owners will need to remain calm themselves. They may find it helpful to play special calming music and use aromatherapy in the car. Some pets may require prescription anxiolytic medication before they leave home.

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How does osmosis achieve equilibrium?

When solvent is in the same amount on both sides of the container

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Movers want to raise a heavy crate onto a platform. The platform is 3 meters (m) above the ground. The movers do not have enough force to push the crate up the ramp shown in the diagram. Which solution will best allow the movers to achieve their goal? A) Change the width of the ramp from 4 meters to 3 meters. B) Change the length of the ramp from 4 meters to 5 meters. C) Change the height of the ramp from 3 meters to 4 meters. D) Change the length of the ramp from 3 meters to 2 meters.

Hello there.

Movers want to raise a heavy crate onto a platform. The platform is 3 meters (m) above the ground. The movers do not have enough force to push the crate up the ramp shown in the diagram.
Which solution will best allow the movers to achieve their goal?

Change the length of the ramp from 4 meters to 5 meters. This will increase the horizontal distance over which the crate must be moved. By moving the crate over a longer distance, a smaller force can be used.

Therefore, correct answer would be:
B) Change the length of the ramp from 4 meters to 5 meters. 

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What are. Some of nicolaus copernicuses achievments

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Renaissance mathematician and astronomer. He was the first to formulate a comprehensive heliocentric cosmology with the Sun, instead of the Earth, as the center of the Universe. The distance of the planets from the sun was in direct relationship to the size of their orbits.

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If an atom has 6 valence electrons, how many electrons does it need to gain to achieve a stable electron configuration?

2 because it need 8 to be stable

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In heterozygous individuals, only the______allele achieves expression

The answer is the Dominant allele

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Studying the folding patterns of protein molecules can help microbiologists better understand cellular processes as well as some diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, that are caused by proteins that have misfolded. The folding of these complicated molecules can be simulated on computers, but it takes a lot of processor power and time for even expensive supercomputers to do this. A group of researchers at Stanford University developed software that can be used to distribute the processing of data to anyone who is willing to donate time on their idle personal computers. As a result, the researchers have been able to achieve protein-folding simulations that are far better than those other computing methods have done. Which statement best describes the work of these researchers? The work is not scientific because the data are not processed in one location. The work is not scientific because the simulations are not reproducible. The researchers applied creativity to solve a problem in running an experiment. The researchers used only well-established scientific techniques.

Which statement best describes the work of these researchers? 

The researchers applied creativity to solve a problem in running an experiment.

Because of the limited resources, the researchers have applied creativity to solve a problem in running an experiment. Their creativity was first manifested when they developed a software that they distributed to anyone who is willing to donate their time and their personal computer for the purpose of helping in the experiment.. 

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Assuming that the collision factor remains the same, by how much must an enzyme lower the activation energy of the reaction in order to achieve a 5×105-fold increase in the reaction rate?

(8.314 J/molK)(310K)ln(3E5) = E-EcatE-Ecat 
=32504.22 J/mol = 32.504 KJ/mol (pay attention to any requirement on sig fig)

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