What feature forms over the vent of a volcano when very thick lava builds up?

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How should I build a boat out of creative materials

You can use duct tape, regular tape, straws, pencils, and hot glue. Maybe napkins too.

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What are the different forms called in an element that has forms with different numbers of neutrons ?

Isotope : same number of protons but different number of neutrons.

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Is it true oil is formed from the remains of small organisms that once lived in seas and lakes

Yes sort of organisms millions of years ago break down into oil which could be small organisms

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What molecule forms the cell membrane? proteins carbohydrates nucleic acids phospholipids

The right answer is phospholipids.

Phospholipids are the essential constituents of cell membranes where, with cholesterol molecules, they are organized into a lipid bilayer in which the hydrophobic tails are oriented towards the interior of the structure whereas the polar heads form the two surfaces of the bilayer .

It is the basis of living structures, which are always organized from a cell membrane separating the inside of the cell from the outside environment. Internal membranes can define inner compartments within eukaryotic cells - called organelles - such as mitochondria, chloroplasts, one (or more) nucleus (x), an endoplasmic reticulum, the Golgi apparatus, and so on.

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A salt dissolved in water forms _____.

A Chemical reaction? A Mixture? Salt water? there are multiple answers.

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Which feature of cancer cells is targeted by most forms of chemotherapy?

In the cell division

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Ionic bonds form between two ions that have

They form between two ions of opposite charges.

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During the last century, human impacts on our planet have led to an increasing and alarming loss of biodiversity in rain forest ecosystems. Scientists estimate that current extinction rates exceed those of some prehistoric mass extinctions. This loss of biodiversity also means loss of genetic diversity and loss of ecosystems. What could be done to minimize this loss of biodiversity? Select one: a. Build barriers around rain forest ecosystems to keep animals and plants contained. b. Write and pass new environmental protection laws specific to rain forest ecosystems. c. Move all rain forest animals to new ecosystems where they will be safe. d. Introduce new species to rain forest ecosystems.

Answer: b. Write and pass new environmental protection laws specific to rain forest ecosystems.


Biodiversity can be define as the variety or variability in the forms of life exhibiting in a region of planet earth. Such a variability can measured at different levels such as ecosystem, species and genetic levels.

According to the given situation, the biodiversity in the rainforest can be lost due to human intervention. To reduce the human impact over the biodiversity of the rainforest ecosystem, strict environmental protection laws should be implemented. These laws will protect the rights of the animals to occupy a habitat without disturbance. These will also impose penalties over ill-legitimate activities like hunting, poaching and wildlife trafficking which may be potentially responsible loss of biodiversity from rainforest ecosystem.

On the basis of the above explanation, b. Write and pass new environmental protection laws specific to rain forest ecosystems. is the correct option.

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An engineer is building an electronic device. She wants to use a material that will give her the most control over the amount of electric charge that flows through a circuit. Which material should she use? A tube A insulator A semiconductor A conductor

A semiconductor should be the answer since a semiconductor will only let a certain amount of electric charge flow through.

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Describe the three different kinds of material that can erupt from a volcano

The three different material that can erupt from a volcano is
1. Magma/lava (called Basaltic Lava)
2. Ash/ tephra
3. Igneous rock

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Why do some volcanic eruptions consist mostly of lava flows, while others are explosive and have no flow?

effusive:flow-low viscosity
explosive:high viscosity

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Which statement describes a cell belonging to a haploid organism that is capable of reproduction? A) It has chromosomes that contain one polynucleotide chain. B) It is capable of carrying out a reduction division to form gametes. C) It possesses two copies of each gene as a result of fertilisation. D) It will undergo cell division by mitosis during asexual reproduction. The answer is D. Can anyone explain how?

From the options given above, the correct option is D. A haploid cell is a cell that contains a single set of chromosomes only. A haploid cell can only undergo asexual reproduction. Asexual reproduction involves only one parent and the cell division usually occurs by mitosis. An organism that is reproducing asexually will transmit 50% of its gene to its offspring[s]. Thus, haploid cells reproduce asexually through mitosis only. 

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When does fog usually form in inlets and bays?

Fog occurs in inlets and bays when the water temperature is warm enough for water vapor to evaporate off of these water bodies and the external temperature is cool enough close to the bodies of water for condensation to occur. The water vapor from the water bodies contain nuclei by which the clouds can form and if the air is cool enough this will occur over the water body relatively quickly. This may occur more in the early mornings or late afternoons.

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Which feature helps a cephalodpod, like a squid or octopus, to be a predator?

I believe octopus look it up

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The theory that earth's rocks formed in a global flood followed by uplifting of some rock over a short period is called _____. uniformitarianism gradualism catastrophism volcanism

The right answer is catastrophism.

Catastrophism is a scientific theory that attempts to rationally construct beliefs about the origin of the world and the evolution of species by highlighting the impact of short-lived, violent and unusual disasters.

Moreover, since the beginning of the twenty-first century, catastrophism has left the domain of the biological sciences and is explicitly the subject of various social, philosophical, and political theorizations.

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If all your cells come from the original zygote that formed you, why aren’t all of them identical to each other?

Cells are genetically programmed to have different functions throughout the body. If each and every cell was the same, you, as a human, would not be alive. Given that some cells serve different purposes than others, they need to be built to serve those purposes.

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Bacteria cells have nothis is a viral replication cycle in which the virus's nucleic acid is integrated into the host cells chromosome. a provirus is formed and replicated each time the host cell reproduces; the host cell is not killed until the lytic cycle is activated.

This would be the lysogenic cycle where the virus recombines with the bacterial cell, allowing for replication until negative environmental conditions initiate the lytic cycle and lysis occurs

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Pus-forming bacterial cells that form in long chains and can cause septicemia (blood poisoning) are called:

Streptococci, causes strep throat etc.

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Why is the fossil shown below considered an intermediate form?

Where is the picture

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