What have scientists concluded about the levels of plant and animal biodiversity on easter island in the past?

Biology 20/01/2020 03:16 PM answersmine

Answered @ 20/01/2020 03:16 PM By answersmine

Scientists have determined that Easter Island used to be enormously diverse in biodiversity. Scientists examined the number of bones and pollens that were buried, to support their assumptions. The biodiversity in the past was extremely high in comparison to the biodiversity of Eastern Islands at present.

It now comprises only a few insects and very slight vegetation, however, it is used to be a sub-tropical rain forest. Though, the present levels of biodiversity cannot be illustrated in terms of complexity but instead in the disturbance.

Due to the past populations of the Easter Island, their disturbance on the once paradise is now barren of shrubs and sand, leaving less complexity.

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