What is 5,000 rounded to

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The answer is 6,817. You have to go to the thousandths place for 6,817. It would be rounded to 5,000. Take off the 5 on the 5,000 & just think 1,000.
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Which place could you round to so that rounded populations of all three cities are the same

Is there supposed to be a picture with this? Stating the 3 cities and their population, or do assumptions need to be made?

845.6 rounded to nearest million

You just add zeros until you get to a millionth. Although thats kind of pointless.

Is it possible for a 5 digit number to be rounded to a 6 digit number? Explain

It is impossible for a 5 digit number to be rounded to a 6 digit number because in this situation you count just add a random number

What is 3.24 rounded to one decimal place?

Well, I mean its actually very simple bro! all your doing is seeing if the 4 is greater than 5. Its not so what you do is you actually take away the 4 because you round it down. The answer is 3.2! :D

1.91 rounded to the nearest tenth

1.91 rounded to the nearest tenth would be 1.9

What is 8,325 rounded to the nearest thousand

First we look at the thousands place. We see the number is 8. We need to look at the number next to it which is 3. If the number is 4 or lower we round down, but if the number is 5 or higher we round up. The number is 3 so we keep the 8 and the rest of the numbers turn to 0's making it round to 8,000

There are 276 plan in the flower garden what is 276 rounded to the nearest ten?

The answer would be 280 because numbers 4 and lower would stay the same and any number 5 and up would change when rounding up numbers

A table that originally cost $196 is on sale for $160. What is the percent of decrease rounded to the nearest tenth?

Percent decrease=decrease/original


percent decrease=36/196=0.18367...

about 18.4% decrease

Luis and liz each rounded 635,974 to the nearest ten thousand. Louis wrote 630000 and liz wrote 640000.who is correct ? explain the error that was made

Liz is correct.
Louis was wrong because he didn't round correctly. Look at the ten thousandth place which is the current 3 in (635,974). In order to round to that place you must look at the number to its right which is the 5.
If that number to the right of the 3, is 4 and under then you leave the 3 as it is and the number would be 630,000. However if the number to the right of the 3 is 5 or higher, then the 3 is rounded up to a 4 and the number would become 640,000.

A recent census listed the population of a city as 831,982. Marisol rounds the population to 830,000 and lindy rounds the population to 800,000. Who rounded the population of the city correctly? Explain

I would say Marisol did because she rounded closer to the actual number but it also depends on what they were suppose to round to. If they were suppose to round to the nearest hundred thousands place then Lindy was correct but if they were suppose to round to the nearest tens thousands place then Marisol was correct.

What is 38,496 rounded to the nearest ten thousand

It's 40,000 because the 8 makes the 3 a 4 because 8 is grater than 5 so you add one more to 3 which is 4 and the rest are 0s

Explain how you found the answer to 706,421 rounded to 800,000

Because The 6 thousand is over 5 (look at the rule underneath) so u would have to go up to the next 100,000 which is 800,000


5 and over 5-round up
4 and under 4-round down

Empire elementry school needs to purchase water bottles for field day.there are 2,142 students.principal vadar rounded to the nearest hundred to estimate how many water bottles to order.will there be enough water bottles for everyone?explain.

We need to round 2,142 to the nearest hundreds. 1 is in the hundreds place.
Then look at the number on the right side of 1. It is 4. Because it lower than 5, the 1 stays the same and every number the right side turns to 0's.

2,100 is the answer.

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How much money would need to be deposited into an account earning 5.75% interest compounded annually in order for the accumulated value at the end of 25 years to be $85,000?


The money that would need to be deposit into the account is $21009.44

Step-by-step explanation:

Given:  Interest = 5.75% compounded annually

Amount = $ 85,000

Times period = 25 years

We have to calculate the money that would need to be deposit into the account.

We know the formula for compound interest


Where, A is amount

P is principal amount

n is time

r = rate of interest

Thus, Substitute, we get,


Solving for P,


Divide both side by 4.0458, we get,


Thus, the money that would need to be deposit into the account is $21009.44