What type of air mass would form over the northern alantic ocean

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Name two types of evidence scientists use to support the theory of evolution. Give an example of one and describe how it shows that life changes over time.

Darwins's theory of natural selection is an evidence of evolution by acquiring characters that make survival of an organism feasible in a typical environment. 
Fossils records are used to support this theory, by figuring out the common ancestry of different species and different traits that have evolved in them with time.
Embryology is also used as an evidence which shows common origin of the organisms. Other evidences are geographic distributions and homologous structures of the living organisms. 

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Which is the best explanation for how air masses move across the United States

Warm air rises, expands, then cools. As cool air sinks it may cause precipitation. Some air masses such as the MT which originate in warm environments carry humid air and cause heavy precipitation in some areas.

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Warm, moist air will have a. high humidity and low dew point. c. high humidity and high dew point. b. low humidity and high dew point. d. low humidity and low dew point.

The correct answer is C. High humidity and high dew point


Air humidity refers to the concentration of water vapor in the air which is determined by the saturation and that increases according to temperature. This implies cold air has low humidity and on the opposite warm air has high humidity. On the other hand, the dew point refers to the temperature in which water vapor condenses or becomes water again, this also depends on temperature and humidity as the higher the temperature and humidity in the air the higher is the dew point because air will need to cool to become water. Therefore, warm, moist air will have high humidity to higher temperature and saturation and a high dew point due to high humidity and high temperature.

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Explain what type of logging would most likely necessitate reforestation afterwards.

Clear-cutting logging would be more likely to necessitate reforestation afterwards than selective cutting. Clear-cutting removes all trees in an area and results in more significant environmental damage, making it more difficult for the trees to regrow naturally. With selective cutting only some of the trees are harvested, so the overall ecosystem is preserved which makes it more likely that trees will be able to regrow naturally.

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El Nino is a weather event in which the waters of the Pacific Ocean around the equator are warmer than normal. This seems to bring an increase in the number of hurricanes in the eastern Pacific. Explain the most likely cause for this.

Warm air over the ocean causes hurricanes. Warmer waters would increase the air temperatures over the water.

looks short but its the answer on quizlet too.

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The pelagic zone includes those waters further from the land; it is generally cold and is below the benthic zone, the upper level of the ocean. TRUE FALSE

The correct answer here is False. The Benthic Zone lies below the Pelagic zone, which is not what it shows in this question.

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Lava that cools so quickly that ions do not have time to arrange into crystals will form igneous rocks with a _____.


The answer is Glassy texture


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Name the four main type of tissues found in a human body.

epithelial, connective, muscular, and nervous tissue

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Compared to the mid-ocean ridge, sediment near the continents is:

Sediments near the continents is known to have coarser grains.


To add, sedimentary rocks are types of rock that are formed by the deposition and subsequent cementation of that material at the Earth's surface and those within bodies of water. 

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What three factors contribute to the layering effect that occurs in the world’s oceans? I know one of them is salinity

Ocean currents can be generated by wind, density differences in water masses caused by temperature and salinity variations, gravity, and events such as earthquakes.

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What type of rock can be changed into a metamorphic rock? sedimentary only either sedimentary or igneous sedimentary, igneous, or other metamorphic

Sedimentary rock can change into metamorphic rock or into igneous rock

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Marine science help!! 15 points! Cesium is a radioactive element which was released into the ocean after the Fu kushima nuclear power plant meltdown in 2011. Cesium's half-life is 30 years, which means that for every unit of cesium, half of it will decay over 30 years. How does this affect the human populations that eat fish from this area? A: Cesium's half-life is relatively long, so biomagnification could become a concern. B: All of the cesium will decay in approximately thirty years; therefore, humans can just avoid eating the contaminated fish for thirty years. C: Cesium levels will be acceptable in a short time, so biomagnification is not a concern and humans can eat fish as normal. D: Cesium will only decay by half in fifteen years, so human populations should avoid eating fish in this area and avoid contamination. I'm stuck between A or D... :/


A is correct


Since the half-life of Cesium is 30 years, that mean that passing this period of time there is going to be the half of mass of this element in ocean. Of course since day 1 until year 30, there will be plenty of generations of the marine living things, so what is going to happen is that this element can be absorb by the algae or plants from the ocean, Cesium is going to fixed in tissues, so when small fish are going to eat, they are going to accumulate Cesium in their tissues (but a bigger concentration than the producer), when another animal eat this small animal is going to repeat the process, in that way biomagnification will be a concern to humankind.

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Which metamorphic rock is commonly formed by contact metamorphism and has non-foliated texture? gneiss schist hornfel

That would be your last option hornfel

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Sedimentary rocks can form at the earth's surface or within the earth. True False

True and false. It does form most often in a river, but not in the earths crust

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What is the idea of spontaneous generation?Life comes from other living thingsLife comes from reproduction of biotic thingsLife comes from non-living things like the air

The idea of spontaneous generation would best represented by the statement that life comes from non-living things like the air. It is a hypothesis that states that nonliving things have abilities to produce some living things. However, this had been disproved many times. Hope this helps.

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Granite is what type of igneous rock? felsic intrusive mafic extrusive ultramafic intrusive

I believe the answer is the first one you listed,
Hope this helps..

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Sophia is observing slides under a microscope while adjusting its mirror so that a circle of light can be seen. Which type of microscope is she using? electron microscope compound light microscope scanning electron microscope


The correct answer is the compound light microscope.


A compound light microscope comes with two or more lens and it has its own light source. There are objective lenses in a nose piece close to the specimen and ocular lenses in the binocular eyepieces.

A compound light microscope is comparatively small, so it’s easy to use and store, and it has its own light source.

Compound light microscopes reveal very fine details in slides because of their multiple lenses.

Thus, the correct answer is the compound light microscope.

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Hydrophones help scientists listen to and record sounds from the ocean. Which statement best describes how ocean water affects sound waves? Cold water increases the speed of sound. Warm water decreases the speed of sound. Low water pressure increases the speed of sound. High water pressure increases the speed of sound.

Hydrophones measure sound pressure. This helps scientists listen to and record sounds from the ocean. The statement that best describes how ocean water affects sound waves is this:   Low water pressure increases the speed of sound. The answer would be high water pressure increases the speed of sound

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Earth land masses united into one supercontinent near the end o which era

I believe your answer is The Geological time, the super continent was called Pangea. Hope this helps!!!

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Earths oceans absorb carbon dioxide emitted by humans and other animals, and eventually turn it into carbonate rocks. Which ''spheres'' are part of this process? Select all that apply. Biosphere Exosphere Geosphere Cryosphere Atmosphere Hydrosphere


Option (1), (3), (5) and (6)


Carbon dioxide is a gas that is released by the living organism during respiration. This gas is then released into the atmosphere. This CO₂ gas is then carried to the lithosphere from the atmosphere with the help of rainfall. Now, these atmospheric CO₂ gas reacts with the water forming carbonic acid. Carbonic acid is a weak type of acid. This carbon is then squeezed and constricted to the sediments and muds, forming rocks such as shale and limestone.

Here, the carbon is present in the form of carbonate rocks.

Thus, this entire process takes place interacting with the biosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere.

Hence, the correct answer is option (1). (3), (5) and (6).

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Which type of bacteria can be found in pairs, chains, squares of four, cubes of eight, or grapelike clusters?

Hi there!

Answer: Coccus

Explanation: Coccus is a bacteria with a spherical shape. (staph infection). Bacillus is a bacteria with a rod shape. (E.Coli). Spirillum is a bacteria with an elongated spiral shape. (Cholera).

Hope this helps!

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What type of muscle moves food through your digestive system?

The answer is smooth muscle.

incase you dont know, smooth muscles are located in the wall of digestive tract.

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What causes the salinity of ocean water to decrease?

Possibly a river flowing into the ocean 

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