What word goes with the definition "citizens hold political power"???

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Political power... and you're welcome
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How do the two major political parties of today differ?

The Republican Party is usually more conservative, they're usually pro-choice, traditional marriage, religious-radicals, pro-gun rights, anti-ally, anti-government transparency, and focus very much on more politically based issues.
The Democratic Party is more focused on being socially-just with gun-control, pro-choice, pro-government transparency, spreading money in a fair way, and making sure everyone has the rights that more socially-acceptable people do.
So the republicans focus more on government, money, etc. Democrats focus more on the happiness of the people and fairness.

What is the difference between a capitol crime and a infamous crime? Please put in simple wording! Thanks!

Capital crimes are like murders and kidnappings and infamous crimes is just a scandal which got popular.

Tell me in 600 words about the yemesse national park

yemassee is an Amtrak train stop in Yemassee, South Carolina. Located at 15 Wall Street, the station consists of a covered platform on the northwest side of the northeast-southwest tracks, a small parking lot, and a building. The building is mostly boarded up, but it does have a small waiting room for Amtrak passengers. It also contains a freight depot. Both the station and the freight house were originally built by the Charleston and Western Carolina Railway. The current station house was built around 1955 as a replacement for several other stations in the past. The station was later run by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. Yemassee is served by the Palmetto and Silver Meteor trains of Amtrak's Silver Service. Both trains pass through Yemassee, near the growing towns of Beaufort and Hilton Head, at roughly the same times of the day; the northbound Palmetto and southbound Silver Meteor do so in the morning, while the southbound Palmettoand northbound Silver Meteor come through in the evening.From 1915 to 1965, the Yemassee station was the first place where potential United States Marines recruits stopped before reaching Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island. Many Marines that fought in wars and conflicts spanning WWI through Vietnam began their careers at the train station. [2]The town is in the process of purchasing the station from Amtrak as part of a local revitalization effort.Traditional: Near the mouth of the Savannah River in Beaufort and Jaspercounties. Altamaha Town along the Okatie River was the principal settlement.A 1707 state act defined the boundaries of the 'Yamosee Settlement' as being the area from the Combahee River on the north to the Coosaw, Port Royal and Savannah Rivers on the south Angered by unfair trade practices, slavery and whipping of Indians, and encroachment on their land, the Yemassee and several other Indian tribes rose against the British and killed approximately 100 settlers in 1715. They were defeated by Governor Craven and fled to Florida. The uprising becomes known as the Yemassee Warhe Yamasee War was one of the most disruptive and transformational conflicts of colonial America. It was one of the American Indians' most serious challenges to European dominance. For over a year the colony faced the possibility of annihilation. About 7% of South Carolina's white citizenry was killed, making the war bloodier thanKing Philip's War, which is often cited as North America's bloodiest war involving Native Americans.[1] The geopolitical situation for British, Spanish, and French colonies, as well as the Indian groups of the southeast, was radically altered. The war marks the end of the early colonial era of the American South. The Yamasee War and its aftermath contributed to the emergence of new Indian confederated nations, such as the Muscogee Creek and Catawba.The origin of the war was complex. Reasons for fighting differed among the many Indian groups who participated. Commitment differed as well. Factors included land encroachment by Europeans, the trading system, trader abuses, the Indian slave trade, the depletion of deer, increasing Indian debts in contrast to increasing wealth among some colonists, the spread of rice plantation agriculture, French power in Louisiana offering an alternative to British trade, long-established Indian links to Spanish Florida, the vying for power among Indian groups, as well as an increasingly large-scale and robust intertribal communication network, and recent experiences in military collaboration among previously distant tribes. Native Americans killed hundreds of colonists and destroyed many settlements. Traders "in the field" were killed throughout what is now southeastern United States. Abandoning settled frontiers, people fled to Charles Town, where starvation set in as supplies ran low. 

What is the definition of debtors?

a person or institution that owes a sum of money.

What dose -er mean when added to a word

-er can mean one of two things.
If it is added to the end of a verb, it means a person who performs this task/action (ex. runner, swimmer).
However, if it is added to an adjective (or sometimes adverb) it is the comparative version of that word and it is comparing two things as saying one thing is better at doing something, or more than the other thing (ex. lazier, hungrier).

List 5 people, and 5 organizations who meet the definition of "Civil Society." Explain how they meet that definition?

Early European political philosophers mainly defined civil society in the context of the ... One of the advantages of this kind of definition is that civil society can thus be ... between citizens and their myriad non-political associations(Hann 1996:5). ... (3)the density and complexity of economic and secondary organizations ...

It is established by Article 1 of the Constitution. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 2 It is established by Article 2 of the Constitution. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 3 It is established by Article 3 of the Constitution. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 4 Its job is to interpret laws and punish lawbreakers. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 5 It includes the vice president. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 6 It is responsible for executing the nation's laws. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 7 It is the lawmaking branch of the government. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 8 It is the first branch of government discussed in the Constitution. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 9 It is headed by the president. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 10 It is headed by the Supreme Court. Legislative Branch Executive Branch Judicial Branch QUESTION 11 Each branch has powers that check, or limit, the powers of the other two branches. True False QUESTION 12 Overriding a presidential veto requires a one-half vote of both houses of Congress. True False QUESTION 13 In 1607, another group of shareholders formed the colony of Jamestown in what is now Virginia. Colonists formed a General Assembly in 1619. This assembly is thought to be the first freely elected parliament of self-governing people in North America. True False QUESTION 14 The Virginia Declaration of Rights was drafted by Thomas Jefferson. True False 2 points Save Answer QUESTION 15 In 1779, Thomas Jefferson, then governor of Virginia, drafted the Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. True False

This is a true and a false anwser lol

What is another word for being expelled from membership in the church and participation in church life is a. clergy b. apprentice c. chivalry d. excommunication

The answer to this question is D. Excommunication
Excommunication could only be enacted as the result of judgment from authorities figure on the church.
In most cases, this happens because excommunicated persons violated a certain rules/regulations that imposed by the church/bibles

Which of the following is not a factor in a political socialization? A: demographic factors B: background and experience C: political adverting D: where a person lives

I believe the answer is: C. Political advertising
Political socialization refers to every factors that would contribute to the formation of individuals' value.
Political advertising focus only to promote a certain candidate so his/her favorability would be increased for the upcoming election.

Compare and contrast conservative and liberal political views.

Conservative views are those based on fundamentalist opinions and an old-fashioned belief in what the society and its morals should be like. Liberals are progressive usually but even that can become extreme.

The Presidential Election Campaign Fund Was Created In 1971 To Provide _____. What did the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 do, and how does it continue to influence political parties in America?

The answer is: Public funds for presidential campaigns

The purpose of the creation of the presidential election campaign fund is to reduce the government representatives dependent on the donation from the private sectors. By doing this, the government hope to limit the influence of large corporation in the election.

Define political correctness?

avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against.

The president is the leader of this type of region. climate cultural economic political .

Political because he deals in politics. Climate is weather. Cultural is the world/culture or environment around us. Economic has to do with buying and selling and a products buying and selling price. I think political is the best fit.

I'm not really sure about this question can anyone help me ? Nights and Dragons— From the memoir of author Abigail Prynne I could have given up, but I thought about my grandmother. She always told me that "people who believe that science is the answer to everything are missing out on everything else." With her words in mind, I searched some more. There were many facts that hinted that dragons may not be fictional. I noticed that cultures across the world all described dragons in similar ways. This was odd because they had no way to communicate with each other. I found dragons mentioned in more than just stories. They appeared in old legal papers, in the travel logs of Marco Polo, and in the Bible. I saw that the Chinese calendar uses a different animal each year. Dragons are included along with eleven real animals. I began to believe it was a real possibility that all of these people were talking about a creature that actually existed. The text discusses the Chinese calendar by writing, "Dragons are included along with eleven real animals." What does that imply? Dragons are the only fake animal on the Chinese calendar. Dragons are not the only fake animal on the Chinese calendar. Dragons are real because all the other animals on the calendar are fake. Dragons are real because all the other animals on the calendar are real.

The text discusses the Chinese calendar by writing, "Dragons are included along with eleven real animals
The one that imply the above is
Dragons are real because all the other animals on the calendar are real.
so the correct option from above is D
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What were the socio/political conditions in the USSR in the 60s,70s,&80s?

Sometimes people were forced to choose what the government wanted, it was some kind of a dictator. But the worst thing was that people didnt know what could be the consequences of not listening! 

What is the motive of this media piece? A) Political B) Emotional C) Social D) Commercial

The answer is; A. Political

A media piece could be considered to have a political motive if its made to promote the new legislation or program that initiated by government or a certain political party.

The picture above was made as an effort to promote government's program in drafting the members of naval forces.

Which type of boundary would most likely cause the greatest political problems

In Bolivia, differences over the exploitation of energy resources causes political unrest. In Ecuador, protests cause unrest.

Which word best describes the relationship between French settlers and British settlers in the 1700s? A. friendly B. hostile C. secretive D. expensive

B. hostile. The 1700's is the time period of the colonization of North America. Three war were fought between the French and the British. Among those are:Queen Anne's War (fought from 1702-1713), King George's War (fought from 1744-1748) and the French and Indian War (fought from 1754-1763). Also, the French allied with the colonists in the American War for Independence, or the American Revolution.

Two goals were inherent in the idea of socialism in 100 to 150 words, explore each of them using information you've gathered

Two goals were inherent in the idea of socialism in 100 to 150 words, explore each of them using information you've gathered.

Answer: The two goals that were inherent in the idea of socialism was that it was an alternative to liberal individualism and that it helped the people. Its main purpose or intent was to establish a shared ownership of resources not like liberal individualism that was focused around the idea of competing against each individual and the unlucky ones would suffer poverty and be victim of social oppression.

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