What would be the advantages and disadvantages of selecting people to represent the interests of their states?

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Well the advantage: you don't got to go and vote for everything like a Democracy, a disadvantage: you don't know if you can really trust what you representative is doing
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The people of the Mesopotamia were protected by the

Zagros and Taurus Mountain

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According to the Panama Canal Treaty signed by President Carter, the United States would have A)joint control of the canal by 2000. B)give up all control of the canal by 2000. C)have sole control over the canal after 2000. D)send troops to protect the canal after 2000.

Panama Canal Treaty is created to rectify the issues and problems between the United States and the Latin America, this was signed by President Jimmy Carter in the end of the year 1999, in this contract, the United States give up all the controls of the canal by 2000. Therefore, the answer to this problem is the letter "B".

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Which is the best definition of public policy? ways the government promotes the general welfare analysis of policy issues to determine a course of action actions a government takes in responding to a public problem actions taken by groups and government representatives to address problems

The correct answer is the third one: actions a government takes in responding to a public problem.

Public policies are projects and activities designed and managed by a state through a government and a public administration in order to satisfy specific needs of the society. These projects and activities are actions, regulatory measures, laws, and budget priorities on a particular topic promulgated by a governmental entity. Since public problems are very varied, public policies refer to different aspects of the society, like education, health, social development, urban infrastructure, taxation, among several others. Since their approach is very general, they are broken down into plans, programs, and projects, each of one having a shorter term goal in order to achieve the general objective of the public policy.

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Read Abraham Lincoln's Letter to fellow Republican James T. Hale. In this letter, President Lincoln suggests a compromise with the South’s demands to keep the Union from falling apart. Confidential. Hon. J. T. Hale Springfield, Ill. Jan'y. 11th 1861. My dear Sir—Yours of the 6th is received. I answer it only because I fear you would misconstrue my silence. What is our present condition? We have just carried an election on principles fairly stated to the people. Now we are told in advance, the government shall be broken up, unless we surrender to those we have beaten, before we take the offices. In this they are either attempting to play upon us, or they are in dead earnest. Either way, if we surrender, it is the end of us, and of the government. They will repeat the experiment upon us ad libitum. A year will not pass, till we shall have to take Cuba as a condition upon which they will stay in the Union. They now have the Constitution, under which we have lived over seventy years, and acts of Congress of their own framing, with no prospect of their being changed; and they can never have a more shallow pretext for breaking up the government, or extorting a compromise, than now. There is, in my judgment, but one compromise which would really settle the slavery question, and that would be a prohibition against acquiring any more territory. Yours very truly, A. LINCOLN. Which words best describe Abraham Lincoln's tone in the letter?

I would say that Lincoln is indignant in his tone and considering the date in 1861 it apparently was just before the civil war took place (1861-1865) so he is basically saying that he will not budge on his opposition to the South's gaining more political power or territory. 

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How did Southern states’ laws under Reconstruction affect freed enslaved persons? The laws increased the voting rights of freed enslaved persons. The laws reduced the number of freed enslaved persons. The laws allowed freed enslaved persons to live in many more places. The laws restricted the jobs freed enslaved persons could hold.


The laws restricted the jobs freed enslaved persons could hold.


The South wasn't yet prepared to relinquish their slaves so effectively - the Southerners still thought to be previous slaves to a lesser extent a man, which is the reason they needed to confine them and their typical lives however much as could be expected. So as opposed to bettering their living conditions, previous slaves could now not secure positions that effectively, yet in any event they weren't slaves any longer.

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Which of these did the Soviet union do in 1961? A. It built a wall through Berlin to keep people from moving to the west B. Use force to destroy a wall the United States had built in Berlin C. You convinced the British and French to merge their zones in Berlin with the Soviet union. D. It's her into bomb for a loan if the United States did not leave within 30 days

The answer is: It built a wall through Berlin to keep people from moving to the West.

During that period, Germany's region was divided into two:
- Western Germany which was under democratic influence and an ally to the United States
- Eastern Germany, which was under communist influence and an ally to soviet union

since the condition of Western Germany was better than the East, many people started fleeing to the west. To prevent this, Soviet Union built the Berlin wall that separated the two regions.

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Political parties are themselves interest groups or factions. true or false?

Very true. Just look at The Far Left vs The Far Right in today's world.

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Before the age of the enlightenment, all the people listened and were ruled by whom? A president. A king or queen. A prime minister. A congress.

Assuming that you are referring to a country other than America my answer is a king or queen.

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Read the following excerpt from an intercalary chapter in The Grapes of Wrath: Carloads of oranges dumped on the ground. The people came for miles to take the fruit, but this could not be. How would they buy oranges at twenty cents a dozen if they could drive out and pick them up? And men with hoses squirt kerosene on the oranges, and they are angry at the crime, angry at the people who have come to take the fruit. A million people hungry, needing the fruit—and kerosene sprayed over the golden mountains. By including this intercalary chapter, what effect is Steinbeck most likely attempting to achieve?


  • Providing commentary, separate from the narrative, which illustrates the wastefulness that occurred during the Great Depression.


The excerpt depicts the inefficiency that happened amid this timespan. Notwithstanding the neediness and craving that was normal at the time, the oranges were splashed with lamp oil so individuals were not ready to lift them up themselves for nothing.

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In which state did women first receive full suffrage (the right to vote)?

Wyoming it gave women the right to vote in the year 1869.

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According to Senator Albert J. Beveridge, why did the United States need to expand trade into new overseas markets?

United States needs to expand trade into new overseas market as per Senator Albert J. Beveridge because as per him the expansion can give a high impact to the economy. The senator also saw the expansion when United States have controlled the Philippines.  

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What impact did the Cold War and Vietnam War have on the people of Washington?

It was causing fear and depression not a money depression but people were scared of nuclear threats and being shipped to vietnam so there was also civil unrest

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A presidential appointment is confirmed _____. A)By the House of Representatives B)By the Head of Agencies C)By the Senate D)By National Election

I believe the correct answer would be C. A presidential appointment is confirmed by the Senate. This can be seen under the  Appointments Clause of the United States Constitution where it says the certain federal positions that are appointed by the president of the US should be confirmed by the US Senate.

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In what ways did Italian city states encourage the Renaissance

The answer would be : 

"Their connections to trade brought wealth that spurred the Renaissance and spread new ideas. The competition among city-states encouraged new ways of thinking."

Hope this helps !


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Dutch settlers established the colony of New Netherland in the 17th century. Which heavily populated state was created from portions of this Dutch settlement?

The place of settlement was called Dutch New York 

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ASAP 40 points2. Analyze the excerpt from Douglas’s speech by answering the following questions in one paragraph: • What is Douglas’s point of view regarding the Constitution? • Which statement from the excerpt shows his point of view? • Explain how the selected quote shows Douglas’s point of view. • What is an historical idea or event that supports Douglas’s point of view?


He wanted to keep that constitution the way it was, when the founding fathers created it. "I believe that the Union can only be preserved by maintaining inviolate the Constitution of the United States as our fathers have made it." It states that to leave the constitution for it has the power to keep the Union preserved. The Civil War and the states changing into slavery and non-slavery states.

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Some people advise the use of debit cards (rather than credit cards) because the use of debit cards __________. A) has tax advantages B) increases the item's cost C) discounts the item's cost D) helps some consumers avoid debts

Its d because credit cards rank up debt because they don't get payed off ,debit cards don't have to be payed off

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10 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would a presidential candidate spend a lot of time and money campaigning in states like California, New York, Florida, and Texas?

They would spend more time and money because they have some of the highest population 

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How did German people feel about their nation after World War I?

When the war started they thought they would win within weeks but it lasted much longer and that made them upset because it made life hard for them

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The 1961 Bay of Pigs incident and the 1962 Missile Crisis were Cold War conflicts between the United States and ______

It was conflict between the USA and Russia (USSR) but involved Cuba if I remember correctly

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What is a Greek city-state? (In detail please)

A city-state is a city that creates its own state with the city and its surrounding land 

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Which religion or philosophy encourages people to be kind to one another MORE THAN ONE ANSWER

Christianity has always taught people to be kind. That's one of the answers. The second I'm unsure of.

My guess for the second one: Judaism

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Julius Caesar is Select one: a. a king, a battle hero, and a great orator. b. a military leader, a senator, and somewhat envious of others. c. a soldier, a government leader, and hungry for power. d. a war hero, a respected senator, and a friend of the common man.

He was very popular & not envious nor hungry for power. He was not king because Brutus and others plotted to kill him in fear that he may become king. Therefore, the answer is D.

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What two events made it possible for Christianity to grow rapidly? Select all that apply.

What are the answer choices?

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