Whats greater 3/12 or 2/10

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3/12 is greater than 2/10
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What's greater 1/2 gallon or 2 liters

They look like... 
a 2 liter is like the big bottles that coke come in 
and 1/2 a gallon is the smaller bottle of milk

Is 11\20 greater or less than 1\2

11/20 is greater than 1/2 becasue if you mulitiply 1/2 to have the same common denominator as 11/20, you will get 10/20. When compared to 11/20, 10/20 is less that. And so that is why 11/20 is greater than 10/20 or 1/2.

(c) How many components would be needed in the structure so that the probability the system will succeed is greater than​ 0.9999?

Prob. of a system can be a failure is less than (1-0.9999) = 0.0001 

now probability that the system will be failure when it has x components is 

so, (0.2)^x < 0.0001 
or, x*log0.2 < log0.0001 
or, x > log0.0001/log0.2 [the sign changes coz log 0.2 is negative] 
or, x > 5.7227 

so, the no. of components (x) has to be 6

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Factor 24t–18. Write your answer as a product with a whole number greater than 1.


3(8t-6) or 6(4t-3)

Step-by-step explanation:

3*8=24 and then you add the t that it well be 8t

3*6=18 so the answer is 3(8t-6)

and also you cant do it like this

6*4=24 and then you at the t that well be 4t

6*3=18 so the answer is 6(4t-3)

that is two ways to doit

Whats negative four times negative three halves?

let's rewrite it
-4/1 * -3/2
since its multiplication you DO NOT need to find the lowest common denominator
just multiply across
-4 *-3 = 12
1*2= 2
so 12/2
is going to equal 6

Whats a open equation?

A open education means what you share and customize

Is 7 twelfths or 11 twentieths greater

It would be 7 twelfths because 7 divided by 12 is .58 whereas 11 divided by 20 is .55

Write and Solve a real world problem in which the part of a whole results in a number greater than the whole itself

That's not physically possible, but this is what I got: 

Draegast had gained 2/3 times as many subscribers as he had before overnight. He had 20/36 as many subs as Pewds. He has 40,000,000 subs.

One half a number increased by three is greater than zero or less than or equal to negative three

"x divided by 2, then + 3" has to be greater than zero or less than or equal to negative three.

How to use a number line to determine which of two number is greater

The number on the right is always greater than the number on the leftEx:14 is greater than 8 because 14 is to the right of 8 on the number line.