Which contains water only from a recent rainfall? Choices: A stream, B river, C gully, D lake PLZ ANSWER UNDER 5 MINUTES!!

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Stream I think A. I don't really know what a fully is but I would go for stream
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Straits, estuaries, and gulfs are all examples of __________. A. landforms B. rivers C. valleys D. bodies of water

D.Bodies of water because im grate

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Which compnent of the earth includes the water above and below and on the earths surface

hydrosphere should be yor answer

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For items 1–5, match each term with its description below. Type the letter of your answer choice in the box below each description. A. Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space B. chain of islands C. the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here E. destination for hikers in New Zealand 1. Mariana Trench (1 point) 2. Archipelago (1 point) 3. Great Barrier Reef (1 point) 4. Ring of Fire (1 point)

The correct answers are:

1. Mariana Trench - the deepest ocean depth in the world is found here;

Located near the North Mariana Islands, the Mariana Trench is a place where the Eurasian, Philippine, and Pacific plates have their boundary, which contributed to this incredibly deep crack in the ocean crust.

2. Archipelago - chain of islands;

Archipelago is a term that is used for a chain of islands, made in the same way by the same factors, and usually they are in close proximity,even though there's exceptions.

3. Great Barrier Reef - Australia's natural wonder that can be seen from space;

This is the biggest coral reef in the whole world, and it stretches along the eastern and northeastern coast of Australia;

4. Ring of Fire - D. 75 percent of the world's active volcanoes are located here;

The Ring of Fire is located alongside the boundary of the Pacific plate with the other plates, and since there's subduction zones all over its boundary, there's lots of active volcanoes.

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Whats your opinion on water pollution?

Its bad for fishing.

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A lake is fed by an underground spring. Is it likely to turn into a forest? Explain why or why not.

No, because as long as the under ground spring doesn't feed to much, it wont turn into a rain forest

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What is the concern with rainfall in the southern Aegean?

The Climate of the Aegean is characterized as Mediterranean. The basic characteristics of the Mediterranean climate is the winter rainfalls, the summer draught, the relatively large variation in the annual amount of rainfalls, the mild to hot summer (with intense sunlight) and the cold winter. An important element of the climate in the southern Aegean is the sea, which modulates the humidity and the rain.

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All of the following regions in the United States have higher population densities, except the __________. A. Southwest B. Northeast C. Pacific Coast D. Great Lakes

The correct answer is - A. Southwest.

The Southwest of the United States is one of the least densely populated areas in the country. The reasons for that are mainly the geography and climate of the area.

The Southwest is predominantly arid and semiarid. The rain is very rare, and the temperatures are very high. The soil is not suitable for agriculture.

This region also has mountains, plateaus, deserts, all of which are pretty inhospitable for human life, so understandably, the people avoided this place for settling down.

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The Fertile Crescent is bound to the east by what two rivers? A: Tigris and Caspain B: Nile and Euphrates C. Tigris and Euphrates D: White Nile and Blue Nile


the correct answer is C just took the test :)

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Compare swidden and wet rice agricultural practices. It doesn't give any answer choices and I'm confused about how to go about it. Thanks.

Swidden is a term used for a land that is devoid of trees due to the cutting and burning of trees to make way for a vast area. It is also called slash and burn agriculture. Whereas wet rice agricultural is the planting of trees on a land that is dry and then filling it with water to help the seeds grow and when it is harvested, the land is to be drained with water.

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The wearing away of soil and rock by wind and water is called

Erosion blows away things, like soil, water, it blows away alot of things in nature.

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What were some of the causes of the Amu Darya and Syr Darya rivers being ruined? Select all that apply.

The Amu Darya and the Syr Darya are among the significant rivers in the Central Asia wherein it has been a major source of economic needs in the region during the ancient times. However, as of recent date, the rivers were slowly on the brink of destruction due to the ongoing development of structures and increasing population surrounding these rivers causing huge amounts of pollution of many forms.

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Where are the major rivers of Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, and Antarctica located? A. in New Zealand B. in many of the Oceania islands C. in Antarctica D. in Australia

The correct answer is - D. in Australia.

Australia is the place, from the choices provided, where the major rivers are located. This is due to the climate and size of Australia, as the continent island has the conditions for supporting large river systems, unlike the others.

Some of the biggest rivers in Australia are Murrey River, Darling River, Murrumbidgee River, Cooper Creek, etc.

The island of Oceania are too small to be able to support large and long rivers, though the climate is suitable, and the same goes for New Zealand as well. Antarctica, on the other side, is frozen, and the temperatures are too low, so there isn't any rivers in the continent.

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How does the tropical climate of the Amazon River Basin MOST LIKELY affect vegetation?

Environmentalists are concerned about the loss of biodiversity which will result from destruction of the forest, and also about the release of the carbon contained within the vegetation, which could accelerate global warming.

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In the diagram, above, marker B is pointing to a __________, which is a small stream or river that runs into a larger stream or river.

Tributary I think hope this helps

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How does the tropical climate of the Amazon River Basin MOST LIKELY affect vegetation?

I just took the test! Heavy rainfall produces a wide variety of plants.

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The jet stream influences global weather by doing what?A: Producing thunderstormsB: Moving weather from one place to anotherC: Producing areas of high pressureD: Producing floods

I'll assume B. Moving weather from one place to another and/or C. Producing areas of high pressure because those make the most sense and the Jetstream is a high pressured sheer or "gust" so to speak of wind and because its moving through the clouds it is assumed possible that it could move storms but severe storms are certainly caused by higher pressure.

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What interaction causes the water to spread as they pass through the rock opening?

The answer is: Diffraction

Diffraction refers to a phenomenon when water meet/encounters an obstacle that it cannot directly destroy. Rock is considered to be impermeable object because it does not have pores that make it able to absorb water. When water clash with solid rocks, it's particles will scatter and causes the water to spread as they pass through the rock opening.

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Which city is the center of India's movie industry? NEED ANSWER NOW | WILL GET BRAINIEST IF ANSWERED FIRST

The answer should be Bollywood

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