Which factors keep people from settling near the rocky mountains?

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Agriculture can prove extremely difficult to maintain on a rocky mountain and with such poor infrastructure it is also difficult to import goods on a JIT (Just In Time) sort of basis where you receive these goods as you need them. Infrastructure also includes communication and other services and with such a technologically developed era we depend on technology and this can deter a lot of people from settling in these regions, additionally the wildlife in these regions consists greatly of predators which can be deemed a threat to habitants who are unprepared. The sheer abundance of wildlife and non industrial landscapes can also mean that people will not want to live in these regions
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From 1800-1200, the Khmer and Mon peoples moved into the northern regions of

Pretty sure the answer is Cambodia. good luck!

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Summarize the significance of the Military Demarcation Line for the people on either side of the line. What political and economic differences does it define?

Both are ran completely different than one another that creates tension within the country.

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In which area would you have found the mountain-dwelling Inca civilization?

In which area would you have found the mountain-dwelling Inca civilization?
In East South America

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In central America in Brazil cutting down trees for lumber for provides people with income what is a negative consequence of this practice

A negative consequence of this practice is that it takes away Habitat

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Which of the followng is associated with mid-ocean ridges? A. submarine canyons B. Mountainous topography

A is the answer to his

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Which physical feature has most limited the movement of people living in north africa

The answer is the Sahara Desert.

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Which of the following is a factor payment for a factor of production?

In economics, factor payments are the income people receive for supplying the factors of production: land, labor, or capital. Payments made of scarce resources, orthe factors of production in return for productive services. They are also categorized according to the services of the productive resources being rewarded.

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Why was it so hard to help the people of Burma following the devastating cyclone?

It became difficult to help Burma because of the condition left by the cyclone. The roads and buildings were heavily damaged which blocked the access to the area. The preparedness of Burma in this kind of disaster was ill-managed. Communication was also hit and it was not easy to have an assessment of the damages and identification of areas that immediately needs assistance.

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Extensive areas of mountains deserts and permafrost ridden lans force most people of the Russian federation to settle in this region.

I think the answer is Europe I hope this helps

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In a paragraph of 125 words, describe the effects of European colonization on the people of Sub-Saharan Africa.


    By the 1800s, Europe had colonized most of Africa, primarily to provide raw materials for its industries and marketplaces for its product. Economic development under colonial rule took several paths stemming from the region's diversity. Colonial systems defined their borders without regard to existing cultural bonds. These boundaries and the practices of colonial rulers served to increase ethnic conflict. The drawing of political borders, divide and conquer policies, and favoritism toward an ethnic group was the factors resulting in increased ethnic conflict during the colonial period.

    There were many effects of colonization of Europe. One example could be the government. The form was nonrepresentative. It also focused on maintaining order. It was unable to provide services, and it was inadequately funded by foreign colonial powers. It maintained divisive policies.

    Another example could be the economic side. Revenue obtained through the export of raw materials was used to benefit colonial powers. African workers were also forced to work on farms, in mines, and in urban areas. The culture also changed because of the colonization. Families were separated and family members had to fill new roles. Christianity spread, and so public education was available for some.

Hope this helps!!!!

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Rain showers have continued over a particular area for several days. Which of these weather factors is most likely reasonable. A. a warm front B. a high-pressure system C. low humidity D. a stationary front

Definitely stationary front because it stays in one spot for a long period of time.

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What are the three most common types of mountains? Give a brief description and an example of each.

fold mountains block mountains and plateau mountains

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The shapes and forms of land have affected where people

The shapes and forms of land have affected where people live.

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Between a. d.900 and the 1300 the _______arrived from eastern Polynesia and settled in new Zealand

Between AD 900 and the 1300 the Maori arrived from eastern Polynesia and settled in New Zealand.


To add, the Māori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand. The Māori originated with settlers from eastern Polynesia, who arrived in New Zealand in several waves of canoe voyages at some time between 1250 and 1300 CE.

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How might a mountain range affect the types of plants and animals found in an area?

The presence of a mountain range could isolate the gene pool of the species which would likely change or mutate characteristics may arise in the species. 

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People increase erosion in forested areas by

by cutting down trees i know this cause i took the test!

hope i could help ~<3

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Most railroads ran east-west to enable ______________ to move quickly across the plains and mountains.

People. Goods were also moved quickly across the east and the west.  Never before had any form of transportation allowed people to get from the easy to the west in a quick amount of time. Before the railroads the United States was not unified because its economy, people, and communications spread so slowly or not at all. 

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20. What are the reasons that people say international aid to Africa is doing more harm than good? What are some alternatives to sending international aid to African governments?

When Africa is given aid, a large portion of it is embezzled by the corrupt governments or dictators, leaving leaving little for the poor. Also, this enforces neocolonialism; African countries are forced to depend upon and follow the commands of the developed donors who give them aid. Furthermore, it causes inflation. The value of African currencies drops as more money is pumped into their economies through aid. Also, Africans need to earn money through working, and working will help Africa develop. Since aid is dumped into African countries, Africans and forced to become unemployed, lowering the chances of development in the future.

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What are the similarities between mountains, plateaus.

They are both elevated land forms. Hope i could help!

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Which is NOT a physical/natural factor affecting population density?

Low lands is not a physical natural factor.

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