Which mountain range stretches over 1,500 miles across northern India and Nepal and is the location of the highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest?

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Yes mount everest is the location of the highest peak in the entire world 
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What was one technological advance used during World War I? a. machine guns b. atomic bombs c. fighter jets d. lasers

B La bomba atomica espero q te sirva

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The union of four small countries, England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is known as the ______________. a) Dublin b) Magna Carta c) Constitutional Monarchy d) United Kingdom

The answer to your question would be D. United Kingdom. Hope this helps:)

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In India, which aspect of society has been most heavily influenced by religious beliefs, tradition, and the division of labor?

My Answer: Caste system

Hope I helped! :D

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Which article proclaims the constitution as the highest law

I believe that the answer is Article six

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1. List three locations in the U.S. where you might find trilobite fossils.

Trilobites are arthropods fossils,known to people throughout history. They are very diverse Class of animal (total 10 classes of trilobites), but they all have the same basic design: three lobes: a left pleural lobe, a middle axial lobe, and a right pleural lobe. In U.S you might find trilobite fossils in the following locations:
1. Oklahoma 
2. Utah
3. New York

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Nepal is country of diversity justify

Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural nation. Different languages and cultures exist in Nepal, which have created a rich and unique national culture. Our national identity also depends upon this cultural and ethnic diversity. This ethnic and cultural diversity, which is also known as unity in diversity, is an important national heritage, which needs to be further strengthened. More attention and efforts are needed to promote and develop these languages and cultures on an equal basis. The laws of the land have clearly prohibited discrimination on the ground of language and ethnicity and guaranteed equal treatment to all languages and cultures. However, some anomalies and contradictions do exist in translating these constitutional provisions into practice. But the government has shown its seriousness in ensuring that there is no discrimination on the ground of caste, colour and cultures. The government has already announced a policy of providing primary education in the mother tongue of the different ethnic communities to promote and develop all national languages. For this, textbooks on different ethnic languages are being written. The success of Jana Andolan II has created a new sense of enthusiasm among all sections of the society, including dalits and janajatis, as the government has declared it will institutionalise inclusive democracy. 
The government has also vowed to give due share in all sectors, including the bureaucracy and other decision-making levels. These commitments are being slowly translated into action. The government has been sensitive to ensure ethnic and gender balance in all sectors. Similarly, efforts are equally underway to preserve and promote all languages and cultures so that Nepal could be developed as a genuine mosaic of all cultures and languages. These are positive efforts that would certainly have a far-reaching impact for the equal development of all ethnic, lingual and cultural communities that exist in the country. Although the government is effortful, its efforts alone may not be sufficient. There should be equal efforts and contribution from all sectors for the preservation and promotion of this ethnic and cultural diversity.

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Granderson is a very neat guy. While he is creative in his thinking, he does not get to the point where he loses touch with reality. Similarly, because he's not too rigidly tied to the material world, he's creative enough to veer from strict conventional thinking. Which of the Eysenck traits are likely being described here?

 Eysenck traits that are likely being described would be:  psychoticism

Psychoticism is one of the characters that's used by Eysenck to describe the pattern of hostile/aggressive behavior.
If we analyze Granderson characteristic using this measurement, we could conclude that Granderson has very little chance to use hostile/aggressive behavior as a way to resolve his conflict.

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What is the largest charity organization in the world?

United Way Worldwide

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To be _____ is to be tolerant of cultural differences and to have knowledge of cultures, history, world market potential, and global economic, social, and political trends.

The appropriate response is Global Awareness. Globa Awareness is a reasonable understanding in view of an appropriate information of worldwide and social points of view. The comprehension of ideas that affect the world incorporates, however, is not constrained to, natural, social, social, political, and financial relations.

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How important is location in your life?

It is quite important because if you are not in the correct location at the correct time you could miss a huge opportunity

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Which country has the longest life expectancy in the world? sweden?

I agree. Japan has the longest life expanity in the world

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How did the green revolution contribute to urbanization in india?

The green revolution brought about more technology and higher yielding varieties aka better seeds that increase crop yield in agricultural produce and increase the productivity of agriculture, ultimately increasing profits from agriculture. With abundance of these raw materials, factories will relocate to India to ultilise these raw materials leading to industrialisation. With increase exports comes increased wealth which enabled urbanisation. Government efforts to attract foreign direct investments through improved infrastructure also contributes to urbanisation

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Coal is a very important resource in South Asia. Which country has the world’s fourth-largest coal reserves?

The answer is Australia 

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In this unit, you are learning about the early explorers and the world in which they lived, and civilizations in the Americas before they were discovered by the explorers. For this assignment, pretend that you are one of the early explorers working to discover a new route to the riches in the East. In the process, however, you land in the Americas. Write four to five paragraphs that discuss the following: In your first paragraph discuss some of the problems you might encounter putting together your exploration. In your second paragraph give examples of some of the technology of the 15th or 16th century you might use to help navigate a route to the East. In your last paragraphs describe what civilizations you might encounter upon landing in the Americas. Compare the civilizations you discover in the Americas to your own civilization in Europe. Use a Venn diagram like the one below to make the comparisons. At the top of the diagram over the circle on the left, you should write the heading: 15th Century Civilizations in Early America. At the top of the diagram over the circle on the right, you should write the heading: 15th Century Civilizations in Europe. Fill in the circle under each civilization with characteristics that are different between the two civilizations. Fill in the intersection in the middle with characteristics that are similar or the same in both civilizations.

did you happen to ever complete this , if so can u plz help x

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What is AIDS in Africa considered by world health organization

Answer choices are:

A. Epidemic

B. Pandemic

C. Plague

D. Epicenter

Correct answer choice is:

C. Plague


In September 2015, WHO released a new policy recommendation known as Treat All. The policy removes all limitations on eligibility for Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) among people living with HIV, which means that all HIV infected /positive populations and age groups are now eligible for treatment. Ending the AIDS in the African Region will require rapid acceleration of the response over the next five years and then sustained action through to 2030 and beyond. This can only be achieved through renewed political commitment, additional resources and technical and programmatic innovations.

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Which statement describing an advantage of constantinoples location is correct

There are no answer choices, but I already know why Constantinople is a wonderful fort. All of the following are true regarding the city's location:

It's on the Bosphorus strait, allowing for easy defense on its Eastern border and regulation of trade (spices had to come through this city to reach Europe).

It was a peninsula on top of a rocky plateau, meaning that three sides of the city were surrounded by water (can't invade a mountain on a boat) and the remaining side on land was very heavily fortified.

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Which statement correctly defines principalities in northern Asia in the 1200s?

I thank asia im not really sure so if its wrong than at least i tryed

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Why is siberia a difficult region for Russia to reach? A Expensive B Very Little Way to get too C Location of resources are unknown D It has very little People I Simplified it

B very little way to get too
In World War 2 Hilter failed to reach Siberia as most of the weapons froze.

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Which desert most influences human settlement in northern Africa?

Sahara........hope this helps

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According to von Thunen’s agricultural land use model, farms located on the farthest rings from the epicenter will be much larger because __________.

There are four rings of agricultural activity surrounding the city. Dairying and intensive farming occur in the ring closest to the city. Since vegetables, fruit, milk and other dairy products must get to market quickly, they would be produced close to the city.

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What makes democracy most preferred choice of people across the world?

Democracy provide the people with the right to equality, right to freedom, right to speech, right to information, fundamental freedom, justice, and other human rights The leader of the democratic nation is chosen by the people themselves, and thus, they can trust them more and have the power to affect the ruling or change of governments. 

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Which of the following fees would likely be the highest

Assuming that you're referring to the ATM fees, the one that would likely be the highest is: Overdraft fees
Overdraft fees is imposed by banks if you try to take cash more than the amount of balance that you have. 
On average, people will be charged around $35 for every transaction.

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Which of the following would be considered the highest risk portfolio

Hi there, 
The answer should be a portfolio made up of 60% stocks, 30% mutual funds, and 10% Treasury bonds. 

Hope this helped!

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What. What is the exchange of foods goods and ideas between the old world and the New World in the 1500s, and what is it called?

The exchange that took place during this time was called the Columbian Exchange

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