Which neurotransmitter is responsible for activating feelings of pleasure A.Dopamine B. Serotonin C. Norepinephrine D. Epinephrine

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Dopamine is the answer. It is a stimulant
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Jackson needs to improve his flexibility. Which of the following activities will best help him meet his goal?

Stretching, stretching helps 

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What is a period of deep sorrow that a person might feel after the death of a friend or a loved one.

Bereavement (grief). Bereavement is the state of loss when someone close to you has died. The death of someone you love is one of the greatest sorrows that can occur. Feelings of bereavement can also accompany other losses, such as the decline of your health or the health of someone you care about, or the end of an important relationship. 

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Exercise is physical activity with the goal of improving physical fitness. Please select the best answer from the choices provided. T F

Answer: True b/c it can help your muscles build up

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What is meant by the term stress response?

Stress itself is caused when we have to deal with something we don't feel we are physically or emotionally able to handle and an example of a stressor could be a big test, or moving to a new city. 

How this comes into play is when we have to deal with one of these stressors, we go through a stress response commonly known as fight or flight. You act differently depending on the stressor, but you analyize the situation and then your body and mind decide if you can stay and deal with the threat or if you should leave to avoid it. If your body decides you should choose the fight method you get a big burst of energy to fight the potential threat, if flight is chosen you  will try to find the easiest and safest mode of escape.

Keep in mind that this is a very primal thing and is triggered by tons of stuff, but most of the time it is a false alarm; an example could be the test anxiety some people feel which is not an actual physical threat, but sometimes yur mind will treat it as one. 

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The nurse is caring for a school-aged child who has injured his leg after a bicycle accident. to determine whether the child is experiencing a localized inflammatory response, the nurse should assess for which of these signs and symptoms?

1+17= 12

Read the passage from "An Essay on Man.”

Sedate and quiet the comparing lies,
Formed but to check, deliberate, and advise.
Self-love still stronger, as its objects nigh;
Reason’s at distance, and in prospect lie:

From the context clues, the reader can determine that deliberate means to

avoid telling the complete truth.think about something seriously.develop a logical philosophy.gain perspective on a topic.

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The pain-attack response has been observed in

Several different species have displayed the pain-attack response, do you have specific options?  

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Trigger points, areas on a patient's body that are tender to touch and feel firm, are indicative of which condition?

Answer:  The condition is known as: "fibromyalgia syndrome" ; 
               also called: "FMS" ; or most simply, "fibromyalgia" .
   The following diagram (attached) represents the "trigger points" of pain in this condition, that are particular painful or sore among palpitation; General, there must be at least 11 (ELEVEN) such "trigger points" out of the 18 shown in the attached image as PART of the diagnosis, according to the American College of Rheumatology, and often if ONE particular "trigger point" exists, the corresponding "trigger point" on the other symmetrical body will occur.   
  However, such "widespread trigger point" is NOT the sole criteria for this condition. Common co-occurring systems including period of impaired cognition/memory,  "fibro fog" ; anxiety and depression, severe sleep disturbances; recurrent migraine and other types of headaches; persistent low-grade fever, recurrent flu-like symptoms, muscle tension, visual and sensory disturbances, cramping aches and pains. 

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Which is the clotting factor that is activated just before a thrombus is formed?

Prothrombin...a protein that's found in blood plasma that is converted into active thrombin during coagulation

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The patients' bill of rights reads that the patient has the right to and is encouraged to obtain from physicians and other direct caregivers relevant, current, (1 point) -and understandable information concerning diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis. -test procedures to determine the cause of acute or terminal illnesses. -medication samples provided by the pharmaceutical companies. -hospital policies and practices that relate to patient care, treatment, and responsibilities. Based on the medical assistant's standard of care, you understand that you ______ if you practice outside of your trained competencies. (1 point) -are eligible for additional continuing education credits -are a candidate for training new medical assistants -give physical examinations and conduct the necessary laboratory tests and X-rays -risk being sued for negligence Which part of the AAMA's code of ethics supports continually improving knowledge and skills of medical assistants? (1 point) -human dignity -confidentiality -honor -continued study

The first one:  understandable information concerning diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.

The second one:  
risk being sued for negligence  (Quick side note: I am studying in EMT and so that would fall into the health :negligence" category.) 

The third one: 
human dignity

I'd double check with another person or website to make sure my information is accurate. Good luck! 

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How much physical activity should an adult have each week?

About 60 minutes each day, so 7 hours a week

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Several studies have shown that lesbians who are more involved in the lesbian community and in lesbian-focused activities showed ____ body satisfaction and _____ weight concern.

Several studies have shown that lesbians who are more involved in the lesbian community and in lesbian-focused activities showed A LOWER body satisfaction and HIGHER weight concern. Reserach has shown high prevalence of eating disorders in Gay men and women, and they are ofte found to be suffering from anorexia.

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Jane is a 29-year-old female with a body mass index (bmi of 31. she works in a high-stress job, does not exercise, and often chooses foods high in fat and calories. she says that most days she feels fine, but sometimes she experiences a painful tingling in her right leg. which would be the most appropriate action for her doctor to take in order to diagnose her leg pain

High body mass index is an indicator of obesity and fatness. A body mass index of 31 is very high and this indicates that Jane is highly obese and over-weight. Jane might have osteoarthritis. The doctor should advise her to get her Vitamin D, Calcium, Creatinine, and joint aspiration, along with an MRI/CT scan of the joint.

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Libby's physician refers her to a medical center in order to have the biochemical activity in her brain analyzed. she is given an injection of a radioactive glucose-like substance and then is told to lie down with her head in a scanner. the technique being used is _____.

The technique being used is Positron Emission Tomography. The PET scanner will measure the amount of positrons that collide with the electrons in the brain, and this data will then be analyzed using a computer program that generates a color map of activity in the brain. These colors range from purple (little to no activity) to red (high or very high activity).

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__________ relates to a medical occurrence om which the physician recognizes that the effect of treatment will be of no benefit to the patient. a. futility of treatment b. active euthanasia c. passive euthanasia d. surrogacy

Futility of treatment relates to a medical occurrence of which the physician recognizes that the effect of treatment will be of no benefit to the patient.

The correct answer would be A.

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How many minutes of physical activity are recommended daily for women at risk of preeclampsia?

Ok... son unos 30 minutos 

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Which types of activities should be done with flexibility exercises for the best workout possible? mental and strength strength and cardiorespiratory mental and cardiorespiratory strength and endurance

Strength and endurance exercises should be performed with flexibility, for the best workout. Stretching exercises, running, and weight lifting exercises can be done for improving the three parameters. This improves the stamina and improves the muscle flexibility as well.

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What do you call it when the nurse gives you a shot you hardly feel?

A shot which is hardly felt is a GOOD SHOT and I should probably thank the nurse for his/her perfection. The nurse was well educated about the clinical practise of giving that shot, whether it was intrapernoeal, intramuscular and itravenous. But, if it did not feel hard, then the nurse is talented!

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In virtually all countries, what type of end-of-life care is not legal? active euthanasia passive euthanasia palliative care hospice care

I believe active euthanasia is illegal in virtually all countries.

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The characteristic feature of scoptophilia is that sexual pleasure is derived from:

Openly watching or observing sexual acts or nudity.

Note: Scoptophilia is openly or publicly, whereas Voyeurism is privately or in secret

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"!PLEASE HELP ME!" What are some of the benefits and risks of active aerobic activities?

Some risks include being easily injured if you try new exercises too soon or if you don't use safety equipment properly. Hope this helps.

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Explain the relationship between physical activity, fitness, health, and wellness.

The correct answer
Physical activity ensures that the body burns all the excess calories. Excess calories is normally converted into fat that is stored in the body causing obesity and heart diseases because some of these fats are stored in the blood vessels thus hindering blood circulation. This means that in such event where tats deposit in the blood vessels conditions such as heart ischemia arises therefere, lowering the health of the victim. in summary, physical activities increases wellness and fitness while lack of physical activity reduces one health.

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"!PLEASE HELP, THANK YOU!" What are active aerobics and how do they differ from lifestyle activities?

Active aerobics are aerobic activities that are of enough intensity to elevate the heart into the target zone, active aerobics are higher in internsity than lifestyle activities they are also more vigorous and are good for building cardiovascular fitness and providing health benefits

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