Which of the following issues is causing pollution and damage to water ecosystems in Nigeria? A. dam construction on the Niger River B. toxic dumping by factories C. spills from the nation’s oil production D. too many older vehicles on the roads\ Of the following issues, which is the most significant environmental challenge facing Africa today? A. deforestation due to the construction of shopping centers and restaurants B. desertification caused by poor agricultural practices C. air pollution resulting from the construction of factories in rural areas D. erosion of coastal areas because of sinking sea levels

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The correct answers are:

C. spills from the nation's oil production.

Nigeria is one of the leading oil producers in sub-Saharan Africa, but unfortunately, it is not taking cautions towards the protection of the environment. The oil spills are a common thing, and the only thing in mind of the companies is profit, so they are not fixing the problems, but instead, they are leaving it as it is, and the situation is worsening all the time.

B. desertification caused by poor agricultural practices.

The agriculture in Africa, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, in general, is still primitive, and people re not taking into consideration the land degradation that they are causing with their methods. One of the reasons is the poverty, so people only look short term, and try to profit as much as they can, though on the long run, they are destroying the land and inviting desertification, thus losing the land to profit from it.

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i just did it and it was right

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In which area would you have found the mountain-dwelling Inca civilization?
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hydrosphere should be yor answer

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I need a picture of the map, please. So I can help you. :-)

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A negative consequence of this practice is that it takes away Habitat

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The Silk Road was built during the Han Dynasty ! (:

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- water is contaminated and made unable to drink

- habitats such as forest and woods for animals are destroyed ( leading to extinction)

- The air is no longer clean to breath in

- litter destroys the ocean environment

please vote my answer branliest. thanks!

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B. marsupials yeah B would be the answer

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I think Basic income systems that are financed by the profits of publicly owned enterprises (often called social dividend, also known as citizen's dividend) are major components in many proposed models of market socialism. Basic income schemes have also been promoted within the context of capitalist systems, where they would be financed through various forms of taxation. Hope I helped!!

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Its bad for fishing.

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Urban sprawl refers to the expansion of poorly planned, low-density, auto-dependent development, which spreads out over large amounts of land, putting long distances between homes, stores, and work and creating a high segregation between residential and commercial uses with harmful impacts on the people living in these areas and the ecosystems and wildlife that have been displaced. Although some would argue that urban sprawl has its benefits, such as creating local economic growth, urban sprawl has many negative consequences for residents and the environment, such as higher water and air pollution, increased traffic fatalities and jams, loss of agricultural capacity, increased car dependency, higher taxes, increased runoff into rivers and lakes, harmful effects on human health, including higher rates of obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension and chronic diseases, increased flooding, decrease in social capital and loss of natural habitats, wildlife and open space. In its path, urban sprawl consumes immeasurable acres of forests, farmland, woodlands and wetlands and in its wake, leaves vacant storefronts, boarded up houses, closed businesses, abandoned and usually contaminated industrial sites, and traffic congestion, which can stretch miles from urban centers and is creating a hidden debt of unfunded infrastructure and services, urban decay, social dysfunction, and environmental degradation.

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The Fertile Crescent is bound to the east by what two rivers? A: Tigris and Caspain B: Nile and Euphrates C. Tigris and Euphrates D: White Nile and Blue Nile


the correct answer is C just took the test :)

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