Which of the following websites would be MOST credible?

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Which of the following websites would include the mostcredible data?A.U.S. Census BureauB.Local newspaper's websiteC.Chamber of commerce websiteD.An individual's homepageE.None of the aboveAnswer Key:AQuestion 13 of 254.0 PointsIf the goal of the research were to discover the attitudes,feelings, and motivations of a heavy user of a product, thenthe preferred type of research would beA.quantitative researchB.qualitative researchC.process analysis
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People on either side of the smartphones-for-teens debate can't agree on the evidence. Sure, there's proof of cyber bullying. There's also proof of educational benefits. Yet nothing is conclusive, so no valid judgment can be made for everyone on whether smartphones should be banned from teens. Anyone supporting such a restriction is naïve and uniformed. He or she is reacting from emotion instead of using his or her brain to study all the evidence and make a decision specific to his or her own teen. The bottom line is it's up to parents to be parents. Why spend billions of dollars on trying to stop cyber bullying or explore educational apps? It's probably just another human assumption that we can control the technology we've created. Trying is a waste of time and money. Which of the following is true about this argument excerpt? a)It is respectful in tone to the audience and supports its claim with specific, credible evidence. b)It contains specific, credible evidence but uses a disrespectful tone that should be edited. c) It fails to support its claim with specific, credible evidence and uses a disrespectful tone. d)It uses a respectful tone but needs specific, credible evidence to support the claim.

C. The text provides opinion with no evidence, and is disrespectful by saying people who support the ban of smartphones are not using their brain, and calling them "naive and uninformed".

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25 POINTS what are email, poster, and website examples of? a. contexts b. arguments c. purposes d. genres

Apex is genres just took test

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What makes a headline sound the most credible?

Formal language........

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True or false? A website address is one type of URL. A. false B. true

The answer is B.True! Have a great day! :) Pls mark me BRAINLIEST!!!

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6. What's one potential problem you should keep in mind when researching information on the Internet? A. Library databases are typically hard to access from your home computer. B. Information found on the Internet may be unreliable. C. Information is seldom available on the Internet. D. Only information found using Google's search engine is credible.

The correct answer would be B. information on the Internet may be unreliable. It can't be A because I'm pretty sure you can log onto your Google account on the library computer and access your history from home if needed. Hope that helps! :)

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WILL GIVE BRANNIEST ANSWER!!!Use the information in the works cited page to answer the question.The italics in the entries indicate related websites. publishing companies. newspaper article titles. book titles.

The correct answer is D.

Works Cited Page is a list of sources used in an essay or research paper written in MLA ( Modern Language Association ) style. It is usually the last page of the document. Each source quoted, summarized or paraphrased in the paper should appear as an entry in the Works Cited Page.

In this given example ( the same applies to the two others ), the italics entries indicate the book title.

Brown, Laaren, and Lenny Hort. Nelson Mandela. New York : DK Pub., 2006, Print.

Brown, Laaren, Lenny Hort are the names of the book's authors.

Nelson Mandela is the book's title.

New York DK Pub is the publisher of the book in the year 2006.

Print is the format of the book ( printed and not digital ).

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100 POINTS _________ What should Laura do while writing a first draft? MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION ________________________ A. She should have her outline available to consult. B. She should have a list of websites available as sources. C. She should ensure that the writing is grammatically correct. D. She should ensure that the paragraphs flow logically. E. She should have research notes available to consult.

The correct answer is A. 

B is incorrect. Normally the bibliography is middle to last in steps of writing. 
C is incorrect. This is done in the editing phase. 
D is incorrect. This is done in the revising phase. 
E is incorrect. Research notes, although helpful, should be gathered before the first draft and put into an outline. 

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1. Which source will provide the most credible information? A. an interview with a close friend or family member B. a professional-looking website from 2005 C. an article found in a scientific anthology from last month D. an opinion article on CNN 2. Which sentence uses the word confront correctly A. i will exact confront on my enemies B. his story wasn't true; it was all a confront C. i am going to confront my sister after school about her picking on me D. the coach's confront after the loss fell on deaf ears as no one paid much attention 3. Which sentence contains correctly punctuated items in a series? A. the hardest state capitals for me to remember are Austin,Texas; Montgomery, Alabama; and Bismarck, North Dakota. B. the hardest state capitals for me to remember are Austin,Texas, Montgomery, Alabama, and Bismarck, North Dakota. C. the hardest state capitals for me to remember are Austin Texas, Montgomery Alabama, and Bismarck North Dakota. D. the hardest state capitals for me to remember are Austin; Texas, Montgomery; Alabama, and Bismarck; North Dakota. 4. Which sentence is correctly punctuated? A. dad's favorite restaurants are: Joe's Cafe, Silk City Diner, and Popo's pizza. B. you will need the following books: Tom Sawyer, A connecticut Yankee in Kings Arthur's Court, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Film. C. the math professor is teaching: geometry, calculus, and trigonometry. D. you need to interview Mr. Baldino Mrs. Pachesa and Ms. Rawlings.

Number 1 is c 
number 2 is c
number 3 is c 
last one is a

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You are researching a public essay on growing Internet censorship. Which of these sources is the most relevant and credible?

Never go to Wikipedia for answers. And a good way of finding credible sources would be from news articles, or official police or government sponsored websites.

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Complete the sentence. A _____ is the address for a website or a Web page. bookmark search engine key word URL

A URL is the address for a website or a Webpage. URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator.

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(HELP BEST ANSWER = BRAINLEST ANSWER!!) A business that sells products to teens would most likely create a website with a title ending in what suffix? A. .org B. .com C. .edu D. .net

.com for sure, since lolz teens use sights they like a lot and it is way easier to look it up 

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Read the excerpt from President Clinton's 2001 farewell address. Our economy is breaking records with more than 22 million new jobs, the lowest unemployment in 30 years, the highest homeownership ever, the longest expansion in history. Which rhetorical appeal does Clinton primarily use in this excerpt? an appeal based on emotion an appeal based on credibility an appeal based on character an appeal based on logic

Answer: an appeal based on logic.

In this case, President Clinton is using an appeal based on logic in order to convince the audience of a particular position. We know this is an appeal on logic because his arguments provide concrete evidence and statistics that support it. He argues that the economy has added more than 22 million new jobs. He also states that his government has achieved the lowest level of unemployment in 30 years, as well as the highest homeownership ever. All of these are falsifiable facts that support his argument.

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Imagine your teacher has assigned you a research paper and has warned you that any paper turned in with faulty or non-credible sourcing will receive an F. Later, while researching, you find an Internet site with just the information you need. How do you verify that the site is credible?

If it's a .gov or .org it's most likely a credible site. Also look at the bottom of the page, it will often give you the date it was made and the date it was refreshed with new info. It'll also give you the name of the creator/ author which you need. Also check the information with other sources like books and such. If information doesn't quite add up or make sense it's not credible.

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Which of the following is the BEST example of a narrative? an art blog a website for a historical landmark a diary entry of an explorer a textbook on veterinary science

The diary entry of an explorer, as it's a retelling of events.

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Credible sites contain___________information, a. Accurate c. Reliable b. Familiar d. All of the above

d. All of the above is the answer

hope i helped!

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