Which one is an interjection? boo! running people?

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What element is used as a shield to protect people from radioactive substances?

Lead is most commonly used for protecting people from radioactive substances

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Danny sails a boat downstream. The wind pushes the boat along at 21 km/hr. The current runs downstream at 15 km/hr. What is the actual velocity of the boat? A) 6.0 km/hr, downstream B) 1.4 km/hr, downstream C) 310 km/hr, downstream D) 36 km/hr, downstream

Answer: A) 6.0 km/hr, downstream


For downstream motion of the boat, the velocity of the boat is the sum of velocity of the water current and the actual velocity of the boat.

Velocity of water current, v = 15 km/h

Velocity of the boat going downstream, v' = 21 km/h

Actual velocity of the boat = u

v' = v + u

⇒21 km/h = 15 km/h + u

⇒u = 21 km/h - 15 km/h = 6.0 km/h downstream

Thus, the correct answer is option A.

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How did the ice ages affect where people settled in America

Because the cold could freeze them, and they could get hypothermia.

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Fe2O3+2Al=Al2O3+2Fe A welder has 1.873 _ 10^2 g Fe2O3 and 94.51 g Al in his welding kit. Which reactant will he run out of first? (options: Fe2O3 or Al.......it's Fe2O3). How much of this reactant should he order to make sure he runs out of both reactants at the same time? He should order ___g of the limiting reactant.

We determine the limiting reactant by using the moles present in the equation and the actual moles.
According to equation, ratio of Fe₂O₃ : Al = 1 : 2
Actual moles of Fe₂O₃ = 187.3 / (56 x 2 + 16 x 3)
= 1.17
Actual moles of Al = 94.51 / 27
= 3.5
Fe₂O₃ is limiting. Fe₂O₃ required:
(moles Al)/2 = 3.5/2 = 1.75
Moles to be added = 1.75 - 1.17
= 0.58
Mass to be added = moles x Mr
= 0.58 x (56 x 2 + 16 x 3)
= 92.8 grams

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Each astronaut produces 8.8 × 102 g CO2 per day that must be removed from the air on the shuttle. If a typical shuttle mission is 9 days, and the shuttle can carry 3.50 × 104 g LiOH, what is the maximum number of people the shuttle can safely carry for one mission?

The reaction of removing CO2 using LiOH is the following:

2 LiOH + CO2 -----> Li2CO3 + H2O

By solving the amount of CO2 the LiOH can scrub:

(3.50 × 10^4 g LiOH) (1 mol LiOH/ 24 g LiOH) ( 1 mol CO2 / 2 mol LiOH) ( 44 g CO2 /1 mol CO2) = 32, 083.33 g CO2 it can scrub

Since number of astronaut = 32, 083.33 g / 9 (8.8 × 10^2) = 4 astronaut

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Steve, Sarah, Richard, and Kate each run paper chromatography on unknown liquids. Steve gets a red band, Sarah gets a yellow band, Richard gets a green band, and Kate gets a yellow band and a blue band. Which student might have had a mixture? Steve Sarah Richard Kate

Answer : Option D) Kate

Explanation : After carrying out the paper chromatographic separation on unknown liquids, it was Kate who got two colors of band on the paper chromatogram which indicates the presence of mixture. If there is only one color of band visible on the paper chromatogram then it has only one pure component. The mixture shows that it is not properly separated as pure components so, there were two bands of color that were developed on the paper chromatogram.

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Match these items. 1. rock made from particles deposited by running water core 2. outer shell of the earth igneous 3. central sphere of iron sedimentary 4. rock cooled from magma mantle 5. interior layer of rock metamorphic 6. first to calculate earth's variable diameter crust 7. rock changed by heat and pressure Newton

Minerals are homogeneous, naturally occurring, inorganic solids. Each mineral has a definite chemical composition and a characteristic crystalline structure. A mineral may be a single element such as copper (Cu) or gold (Au), or it may be a compound made up of a number of elements. About 2,500 different minerals have been described.Rocks are made up of one or more minerals.THERE ARE THREE TYPES OF ROCKS. THEY ARE:1. Igneous Rocks : Formed from the cooling of molten rock.A. Volcanic igneous rocks formed from molten rock that cooled quickly on or near the earth's surface.
B. Plutonic igneous rocks are the result of the slow cooling of molten rock far beneath the surface.
2. Sedimentary Rocks : Formed in layers as the result of moderate pressure on accumulated sediments.
3. Metamorphic Rocks : Formed from older "parent" rock (either igneous or sedimentary) under intense heat and/or pressure at considerable depths beneath the earth's surface.

1. Inner Core - A mass of iron with a temperature of about 7000 degrees F. Although such temperatures would normally melt iron, immense pressure on it keeps it in a solid form. The inner core is approximately 1,500 miles in diameter.
2. Outer Core - A mass of molten iron about 1,425 miles deep that surrounds the solid inner core. Electrical currents generated from this area produce the earth's magnetic field.
3. Mantle - A rock layer about 1,750 miles thick that reaches about half the distance to the center of the earth. parts of this layer become hot enough to liquify and become slow moving molten rock or magma.
4. Crust - A layer from 4-25 miles thick consisting of sand and rock. hope i helped

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Food that people eat provides us with what that we need to survive?

Food provides us with energy and nutrients.

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Where do people and other animals get energy to move around

They eat plants or other animals.

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Some studies has shown that peppermint odor increases people’s mental sharpness, especially when they solve math problems. Which best describes how this could be a valid scientific claim? A if it is tested in a controlled setting with repeated results B if the test is published on Wikipedia C if the scientist was previously peer reviewed D if the math problems are easy problems

Answer: A if it is tested in a controlled setting with repeated results


A scientific claim is a statement which includes the results which are obtained after the implementation of experimental methodology and reasoning for the cause of a particular natural phenomena or event. Relevant facts and evidences supports the claim.

The results are only considered valid when the repeated trials using the same methodology are done under controlled conditions.

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Which of the following have resulted from advanced methods of transportation that rely on oil for fuel? (a)decreased death rate (b)faster movement of people, products, and ideas (c)increased CO2 emissions (d)increased pollution (e)reduced dependence on nonrenewable resources

The best and most correct answer among the choices provided by your question are the choices b, c, and d.

Faster movement of people, products, and ideas increased, CO2 emissions, increased pollution resulted from advanced methods of transportation that rely on oil for fuel.

I hope my answer has come to your help. Thank you for posting your question here in Brainly. We hope to answer more of your questions and inquiries soon. Have a nice day ahead!

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Which is the best example of rotational motion? A. The wheel spins as long as the hamster keeps running. B. The tornado left a two mile path of destruction. C. The runner circled the track in record time to win the track meet. D. Electrons travel around the nucleus of the atom.

I think the best example of rotational motion is : 
The wheel spins as long as the hamster keeps running
Rotational motion refer to a rotation movement in which the main axis point stays the same

hope this helps

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Which of these helps you understand what people are saying to you? A. Looking away while they're speaking B. Thinking about what they're saying C. Thinking about how you'll respond D. Interrupting them

B. IF you're thinking about what they are saying, you will better grasp what they mean

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Cindy runs 2 kilometers every morning. She takes 2 minutes for the first 250 meters, 4 minutes for the next 1,000 meters, 1 minute for the next 350 meters, and 3 minutes for the rest. Cindy’s average speed for the entire run is ( ) meters per minute. One kilometer is the same as 1,000 meters. Hint: distance over time

In order to calculate average speed we will calculate the total distance in meters traveled by cindy.

Distance = 2 Km

1 km = 1000m

So distance in meters = 2000 m

Then let us calculate the total time taken by cindy to cover these 2000 meters

Total time in minutes = 2 + 4 + 1 + 3 = 10 minute

Average speed = total distance  / total time

Average speed = 2000 m / 10 minutes

average speed = 200 m / min

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Which invention has done the most to help predict weather and warn people of approaching storms?

I don't know I think satilites? WIAT mabey not

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100 POINTS ANSWER FAST Which of the following is an example of speed? A. A truck driving 15 miles per hour south. B. A cat running 5 meters per minute. C. A bicyclist ridding 12 miles per hour east. D. A plane traveling at 15 miles

The answer is A because it has the most amount of speed, the plane has the same speed but doesn't tell you for what amount of time is the speed so what if the plane traveled 15 per 2 hours or 3 obviously the truck is going faster and it if said 15 miles per minute then it would obviously be the plane but since it doesn't specify then the truck would be you rmost likely answer

Hope this helps

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Help please. this is for you... science people! 30 points :) check multimedia image! awnser all of them, and i will add another 10! even the ones i already did.

Question 14 is our Sun is a source of energy across the full spectrum.
Question 15 is
the Earth's atmosphere protects us from exposure to a range of higher energy waves that can be harmful to life. I hope this help you!

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Why did Dalton think it was important to use his system of symbols for the chemical elements? to remind people that atoms were real to remind people that he discovered atoms to remind people that he came up with the atomic theory of matter all of the above


the answer is a


i did the assignment and the correct answer is a. (i put b bcos other ppl here said its b but i got it wrong)

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Assuming you start with 10.0 g of zinc and 10.0 g hydrochloric acid, identify the limiting reagent and determine what mass of the other will remain after the reaction runs to completion.

The balanced chemical reaction for the substances given would be as follows:

Zn + 2HCl = ZnCl2 + H2

We are given the amounts of the reactants used in the reaction. We use these amounts to determine which is the limiting and excess reactant. We do as follows:

10 g Zn (1 mol / 65.38 g) = 0.1530 mol
10 g HCl (1 mol / 36.46 g) =  0.2743 mol

From the the stoichiometric ratio which is 1 is to 2, the limiting reactant would be hydrochloric acid and the excess would be zinc metal.

Mass of zinc that remains = 0.1530 - (0.2743 / 2) = 0.0159 g Zn 

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Zn+2HCl⇒ZnCl₂+H₂ Assuming you start with 10.0 g of zinc and 10.0 g hydrochloric acid, identify the limiting reagent and determine what mass of the other will remain after the reaction runs to completion.

The equation shows that one mole of Zn requires 2 moles of HCl. We now calculate the moles of each specie:
Zn = 10/65 = 0.154 mole
HCl = 10/36.5 = 0.274 mole
Molar ratio present:
1: 1.78; thus, the HCl is the limiting reactant
Moles of Zn reacted = 0.274/2 = 0.137
Moles of Zn remaining = 0.154 - 0.137
= 0.017 moles
Mass of Zn left = 0.017 x 65
= 1.105 grams

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Can people tell the difference between sugar and aartifiial sweeteners

1. Sugar refers to easily metabolized carbohydrate; sweetener is an additive that is added to foods for the sweetening effect
2. Sugar in all its forms does not require authentication; sweeteners need to be approved by an accreditation body or the EU
3. Sugar is caloric, while sweeteners can be caloric or non caloric in nature
4. Intensive sweeteners are prepared by synthetic procedure and provide little or no energy whatsoever; sugar substances eliminate the crucial minerals from your diet


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How could maglev trains help improve people's lives? Write three paragraphs. First summarize the author's criticism of conventional rail travel. Then briefly describe how maglev technology would address these problems. Finally describe how you think these changes might affect your own life.

Maglev trains were created to connect Shanghai Pudong International Airport to Central Pudong. Transrapid, another name for the Maglev train is said to be the fastest train. It can run up to 270/mph in just eight minutes.
Compared to other transportation systems, Transrapid is faster and more cost effective. It has less maintaining coverage and zero sounds compared to the ordinary ones. 
This kind of train is one of the most effective means of transportation. It lessens traffic and pollution caused by car emission. It also saves more time for people who are always on the go.

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If 15.0g C3H6, 10.0g O2, and 5.00g NH3 are sealed in a reactor, what mass of acrylonitrile can be produced if the reaction runs to 100% conversion?

2 C3H6 + 2 NH3 + 3 O2  -> 2 C3H3N + 6 H2O

Molar masses

C3H6: 42.08 g/mol
NH3: 17.03 g/mol
O2: 32 g/mol

CH3H3N: 53.06 g/mol
H2O: 18 g/mol

# of moles

C3H6: 15.0 g / [42.08 g/mol] = 0.356 mol
NH3: 5.00 g / [17.03 g/mol] =  0.294 mol
O2: 10.0 g / [32 g/mol] = 0.313 mol

Now wee need to find the limitant reactant

The theoretical proportion is 2:2:3, equivalent to 1:1:1.5

The proportion ot the given gases is 0.356 : 0.294 : 0.313, dividing by 0.294 that is equivalent to: 1.2 : 1 : 1.06, where you see that O2 is below the theoretical proportion and it is the limitant reactant.

Now, from the equation you have 3 mol of O2 produces 2 mol of acrylonitrile (C3H3N)

Then you will obtain 0.313 * 2/3 = 0.209 mol acrylonitrile

The mass is 0.209mol * 53.06 g/mol = 11.07 g acrylonitrile

Answer: 11.07 g

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Which element is used as a shield to protect people from radioactive substances its science

Lead is most commonly used for protecting people from radioactive substances.
For example, if you go to the dentist and they give you an X-ray of your teeth, they will usually give you a lead bib to protect you from the radiation produced by the X-ray. However, carbon (graphite usually) can also be used to shield, but whereas a plate of lead may work it would take a brick of graphite.

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When doing an experiment you should run several trials to get greater_____________.

evidences the answer I'm really good at science

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