Which sentence does not contain any errors? A. Only two countries were left on the women's travel schedule. B. Only two countrie's were left on the womens travel schedule. C. Only two countries' were left on the women's travel schedule. D. Only two countries were left on the womens' travel schedule.

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It is D because their is more than on woman on the trip.
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Sentence using the word critically

There was a critically injured person in the wreck.

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Sentence using the word bellboy

Hey there!

Bellboy is just another word for bellhop. Bellhops are those people at hotels that offer to carry your luggage for you up to your room and do other various tasks catered towards hotel guests. 

An example sentence could be,

"I thought the bellboy would have trouble carrying my luggage considering how many rocks from my collection I brought with me, but he was able to pick my suitcase up without any problem."

Hope this helped you out! :-)

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Sentence using the word rumpled

I left the clothes on the floor, causing them to become rumpled.

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Explain the role of women in Rilke’s life, and how this role is reflected in poems such as “Spanish Dancer.”

Answer:The Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke by Hans Trausil ... Before this problem every other remains of secondary importance. ... of Europe have, each in accordance with his individual temperament, reflected in their work the spiritual essence of .... Here the words of men are only fragile bridges above their real life.

Explanation: Not all 150 but close enough :)

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Which sentence has a misplaced modifier? A. Jorge really wanted his team to win the game. B. Jorge tried his best to make a scoring kick. C. Jorge quickly kicked the ball and scored. D. Jorge almost kicked the ball 14 meters.

D. Jorge almost kicked the ball 14 meters.
The correct form would be
Jorge kicked the ball almost 14 meters.

Hope this helps!!!

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Is the sentence in natural order or inverted order? Above the fireplace hangs a picture of our family

Yes, the answer is inverted order.

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Please select the best answer and click "submit." Read this excerpt from Canto XX of Dante's Inferno, in which Virgil describes the punishment of false prophets and fortune tellers: Because their faces turned round to their haunches So that they were compelled to walk backwards Since they could not possibly see ahead. Which sentence best explains Dante's intended use of symbolism in this passage? A. The sinners' compulsion to look backward darkly mirrors their strained attempts to see into the future in life. B. The figurative language is able to make abstract ideas, like compulsion, more concrete for the reader. C. The sinners' heads are twisted around so that they can only see where they're going by walking backward. D. The compulsion to walk backwards represents the sinners' preoccupation with practices from the primitive past.

The correct answer is A. The sinners' compulsion to look backward darkly mirrors their strained attempts to see into the future in life.


The word symbolism refers to the use of symbols, objects or words to represent a more abstract or complex idea. In the case of literature, symbolism is one of the most common devices used to give certain actions, words or events a more deeper meaning. In the epic poem "The Divine Comedy" by the Italian writer Dante Alighieri the use of symbolism is quite common and mainly linked to religious ideas, this can be seen in Dante's Inferno description of punishment for prophets and fortune tellers who are the people that use different practices to try to predict the future and who are punished in Dante's Inferno by having their faces turned around which force them to walk backward. The punishment these people received is linked symbolically to their practices of trying to know the future as their new condition in the Inferno stops them from looking forward which is what they did or tried to do during all their lives as they wanted to look forward in time or know the future. Thus, the symbolism is mainly used to show "the sinner's compulsion to look backward darkly mirror their strained attempts to see into the future in life" as this punishment represent in a symbolic way their sin was mainly to try to look forward or in the future and because of this they are condemned to never be able to look forward again.

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What type of sentence is this ?

I believe it is either C or B im not sure.

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Stalactites, hanging formations on the roof if a cave, are formed when water rich in calcium carbonate drips through the cracks in the rock above. Which statement about the sentence is true? A) the appositive phrase changes the essential material. B) the appositive phrase contains non essential material. C) the appositive phrase modifies the word formed. D)the sentence does not contain an appositive phrase

The correct option is B.
An appositive phrase refers to a noun or a pronoun that identifies or rename another noun or pronoun; it gives more information about that noun or pronoun. An appositive together with its modifier is called an appositive phrase. An appositive phrase is said to be non- essential when it adds information to a sentence whose meaning is already clear. Non-essential appositives are usually set off by a coma.

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Which two sentences should be used in the conclusion to a speech on a narrative nonfiction

Words of claim and the expansion.

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Identify the demonstrative pronoun in the following sentence? This is the friend i was telling you about

The answer is "this." A demonstrative pronoun takes the place of a noun phrase. 

For example:

Those cookies you are baking smell delicious.

A demonstrative pronoun could take the place of the bold phrase. So, we could instead say something like:

They smell delicious.
Those smell delicious. 

In the sample I gave you, they and these are demonstrative pronouns. 

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Writing sentence with Because plz help me

5. People like to drive fast because it may be fun or get them to their destination faster.

6. I like my hobby because it's fun to do what I'm good at so one day I might be needed.

7. I write letter's to my family because I feel like if I didn't I'd be a bad daughter or sister or cousin, I'll make them feel important, and so I'm not lonely.

8. I skipped breakfast this morning because something in my stomach was bothering me, so I slept in a while longer.

9. Children learn print before cursive because not everyone's great at cursive, so not many people would properly understand and print is average and people can get a say out of print, easier to read.

10. The man stopped at the food cart because he wanted to help a child in need, so he stopped at the corner of the street and gave that kid a meal.

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Which sentences state reasons for tension between the American colonists and the British political powers?

The American colonists strongly opposed the taxes forced upon them by the British government, hence the tension between the two countries.

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What is the appositive in this sentence? One of the richest man in the world, Bill Gates, started Microsoft.

I believe the answer would be Bill Gates. An appositive is a noun that renames a noun right beside it. In this case, "Bill Gates" is renaming "One of the richest men in the world."

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My bounty is as boundless as the sea My love as deep; the more I give to thee, The more I have, for both are infinite. In this sentence, why does Romeo compare his love to the sea? because the sea is limitless because the sea is dark and scary because the sea is dangerous because Juliet is like a ship’s captain

This question seems to already be answered all in itself but,
He compares his love to the sea because he believes it is infinite, however the sea can also be a place that no one wants to tread on since it can be dangerous. Hence, comparing his love to Juliet being a dangerous and treacherous journey all in itself due to the difference of being capulet and montague.

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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. [E]ven when we are admonished through a changeable creature, we are but led to the unchangeable Truth; where we learn truly….[W]hen we return from error, it is through knowing; and that we may know, He teacheth us, because He is the Beginning, and speaking unto us. (Confessions; Book XI, Chapter 8) Which group below is most identified with the concept of "unchangeable Truth"? a) Thomists b)Scholastics c)Aristotelians d)Neoplatonists

Answer: Neoplatonists

Neoplatonism is a philosophy that emerged in the third century AD. It was also very influential to subsequent thinkers, in particular during the Middle Ages. The dominant idea that connected all Neoplatonists is that reality is derived from a single principle of truth, or "the One." This is similar to the original ideas of Plato, who believed that the Truth was only one which could be known.

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Regular aerobic exercise gives an individual more endurance" is a sentence that shows cause and effect. Which word indicates the cause?

The word "regular" indicates the cause.

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