Which situation would most likely result i the greatest change in gene frequency in a population ? A) A single individual leaves a large population B) A large population loses a few individuals C) A bird has two alleles for a certain feather color D) A predator eats one phenotype rather than another for a year

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The most appropriate answer would be option D.

If a predator eats only one type of phenotype that means that the other phenotype must provide some type of survival advantage to the individuals such as camouflage.  

It would result in differential reproduction and thus, natural selection would come into action.

Consequently, the allele frequency of a population would change after numerous generations.

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Help! What gas is thought to be responsible for the changes shown in the image below?

Carbon dioxide is responsible for the increase in the temperature of the earth, by causing global warming. Carbon dioxide traps the sunlight and does not allow to escape it into the environment, leading to a steady increase in the average temperature of the earth, as shown in the above picture.

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Pointed teeth help tear apart food, and large, flat teeth are used to grind food. Based on this information, what types of teeth are characteristic of animals that eat plants and animals that eat other animals?

Animals that eat plants have flat teeth to grind the plants down, while animals that eat other animals have sharp teeth to tear apart flesh.

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Cranberries and grapes may have therapeutic value. A cranberry company obtained the patent for a process to extract the oil from cranberry seeds. According to the patent, this oil can be used to treat breast cancer or to reduce its incidence. The oil can be used in drinks and foods. A grape juice company claims to have evidence that certain grapes have health benefits ranging from improving cardiovascular health to improving cognitive brain function in the elderly. These claims will be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) before the companies are allowed to market their products for “treating” ailments or “improving” health. Until then, the companies can describe that their products “help to maintain” or “support” health. Until studies support their claims, the companies cannot ascribe direct health benefits to their products. Why would the FDA perform tests when a cranberry company and a grape company have already conducted research on the same products? The FDA is the only organization that can test if health actually improves. Tests that are performed by any company which benefits financially are considered unreliable. The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company. Tests performed by the FDA follow established scientific methods, but those performed by companies do not.


The correct answer will be option-The FDA tests give reliability to the results of improved health obtained by each company.


The Food and Drug Administration or FDA is a United States federal agency established to control the food safety under the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

The FDA helps control the issues related to the safety of the food and food products like dietary supplements along with pharmaceutical drugs, biopharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products under the Acts.

In the given question the juices before released to the market are tested by the FDA as the FDA results support the results of the research performed by the company and the give the reliability to the results.

Thus, the selected option re the correct answer.

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Widely spaced contour lines indicate a a. steep slope c. hill b. gentle slope d. river

The right option is; b. gentle slope  

Widely spaced contour lines indicate a gentle slope .

A contour line is a line that connects points of the same height (elevation) above a specific level. Contour lines are drawn on topographical maps to indicate the elevation of a land along the line. Based on the elevation changes of a land, contour lines may be widely spaced which indicate a gentle slope or it may be packed closely together which indicate steep slopes.

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Which environmental changes occur faster? A. forest fire B. transition from farm field to maple forest

Forest fire is faster among the two as the spreading of fire is faster than dispersion of maple seeds.

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What Receives information from outside the body to respond to stimuli and maintain A: nervous system B: neuron C: nerve impluse

B: neuron - specifically, the dendrites of a neuron. Nervous system in general could also be the answer but B is more specific

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Which of the following is a product of respiration resulting from the breaking of carbon-carbon bonds? a. glucose b. oxygen c. carbon dioxide d. all of the above

Cells undergoing aerobic respiration produce 6 molecules of carbon dioxide, 6 molecules of water, and up to 30 molecules of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), which is directly used to produce energy, from each molecule of glucose in the presence of surplus oxygen.

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Which of the following is an example of a parasitic flatworm? a. silkworm. b. earthworm. c. planarian. d. tapeworm.


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Which of the following nutrients are found in the atmosphere? A nitrogen and phosphorus B carbon and nitrogen c carbon and phosphorous ?

B. Carbon and Nitrogen                     is the answer for sure.

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Hemophilia is a gender-linked blood disorder in humans. The gene responsible for it is gene-linked recessive, meaning it is present on the X chromosome. When the gene is present in males (Xh), it always expresses itself, meaning that the male's blood won't clot properly. When present in females in a heterozygous condition (XhXH), the gene doesn’t express itself; but the female becomes a carrier, meaning that her offspring could have hemophilia.. When present in a homozygous recessive condition in females (XhXh), it expresses itself. One of every 10,000 persons is affected by this disease. What could be the allele frequency for this disease in the entire population?

Hemophilia's expressive gene is carried by the mother herself.  For a female child, it is impossible to have Haemophilia as one allele is being carried by father and that allele does not cause disease. In the male offspring, chances of being diseased are 50:50, as the female gene in half of the gametes will be dominant and half will be recessive. Therefore, out of 5000 male offsprings, 2500 bear the chances of getting Haemophilia. 
But in real life situation, 1 out of 10000 people is affected.

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Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics animals share? a. cell differentiation c. unicellular b. movement d. reproduction

The only logical answer would be C. Unicellular, but the answers seem to be all wrong. 

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What is the mass of a neutron? A 1/2,000 amu B 1 amu C 2,000 amu D 1/200 amu


B.  1 amu


-An atom of an element is made up of three subatomic particles, namely; protons, neutrons and electrons. Electrons are positively charged and found in the energy levels of an atom. Both protons and the neutrons are found in the nucleus of an atom, protons are positively charged and neutrons have no charge.

-The nucleus of atom carries the most mass of an atom with the energy levels carrying negligible mass of an atom. The mass of neutron is approximately 1.0 amu, that of a proton is also approximately 1.0 amu, and that of an electron is about 1/2,000 amu.

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Which of these is a type of mutation where a single base pair in the DNA is exchanged for another? Insertion Deletion Substitution Creation

Substitution is the answer to your question. One is removed and replaced... aka a substitution has taken place 

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Which of the following is not considered a type of mass movement? A creep B landslides C mudflows D These are all types of mass movement.

B) Landslides

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The correct answer is B


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When plants wilt they're soft stems and leaves begin to drop what is going on inside the plant cells that causes the plant to drop like this

The cell membranes begin to come apart when there is insufficient water around the cells. The cytoplasm of the cells becomes more concentrated, which slowly poisons the cells. The cell walls become brittle as they dry out, and some of them collapse. The central vacuoles in the cells lose water and can no longer help support the cells.

The central vacuoles in the cells lose water and can no longer help support the cells

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The presence of parasites in an animal will usually result in

The inabitilty to maintain homeostasis.

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Which event is most likely to decrease the amount of sunlight that reaches Earth's surface? A) An ice age. B) An asteroid impact. C) A catastrophic flood. D) A prolonged drought.

The answer to your question is A. An ice age.

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