Which state of matter is the strongest conductor of electricity? solid liquid gas plasma

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Answer: Option (d) is the correct answer.


Plasma is defined as a hot ionized gas that consists of similar number of positive ions and negative electrons.

For example, neon lights are plasma matter.

Being hot in nature, particles present in plasma have maximum kinetic energy as they move rapidly and continuously.

Therefore, we can conclude that plasma is the state of matter that is the strongest conductor of electricity.

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A blood cell is placed in a 1.5 percent salt solution. will osmosis, diffusion, or both occur across the plasma membrane? why?

Since there is a 1.5% salt solution(a more concentrated solution) Osmosis occurs 

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Why do cells have a plasma membrane? to separate proteins from the nucleus to distinguish plants from animals to define the size of the cell to separate the inside of the cell from its environment

Answer: To separate the inside of the cell from its environment.

The cell membrane is primarily made up of lipids and proteins. It provides protection to the cell by keeping the interior of the cell separated from its external environment.  

It is a selectively permeable membrane meaning that it only allows certain substances to pass through it. It is involved in various cellular processes like cell signaling, cell adhesion, endocytosis, exocytosis etc.

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Photosynthesis is important to living organisms because it is A.the foundation of most food chains. B.the source of nitrogen gas in the air. C.how animals get carbon dioxide to breathe. D.the process that occurs in most ecosystems.

Photosynthesis is important to living organism as it is the foundation of most of the food chains.

Further Explanation:

Food chain is a linear advancing process from producers to the last/apex or tertiary consumers. This chain starts from producers which are the organisms such as plants. Plants undergo photosynthesis and produce simple carbohydrates which are the source of energy for every organism which is directly or indirectly dependent on them.

Let us consider an example of linear food chain,

Lion feeds on deer and deer consumes grass for nutrition.

In the above given example grass is the producer and is the base of a food chain or we can say a starting point of a food chain. While the deer is a primary consumer a herbivore which is directly dependent on grass for food. The lion consumes the deer for nutrition and is a apex carnivore for the given example. The lion is indirectly dependent on the producer that is grass for nutrition.

Therefore the photosynthesizing plants play a vital role in the continuity of life as the energy entrapped by them is passed through all the trophic levels.

The producers (plants) thus; are the base or foundation of most of the food chains and play a vital role for living processes and organisms.

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Photosynthesis, food chain, carbohydrates, producers, consumers, carnivore, herbivore, nutrition, continuity of life, life, plants, grass, carbon dioxide, ecosystems.

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Which of the following statements regarding water conservation is not true? a. Only about 1% of Earth’s water supply is usable for human consumption. b. Over half of the states predict water shortages by 2013. c. While environmentally beneficial, water conservation is a costly endeavor. d. Failure to conserve water will lead to more water contamination.

The correct answer is C. While environmentally beneficial water conservation is costly endeavour.

We can say that it is only one percent of earth's water supply which is usable for human consumption.

If we do not conserve water it will lead to a lot of water contamination. Water conservation can include activities, strategies and policies which are termed as sustainable to manage.

If we conserve water, there is availability of water which can be used in the future. If we conserve water, we also conserve energy and also habitat conservation.

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Prior to the 1600s, it was believed that all living things were either plants or animals. Which of these inventions led to the development of a more detailed classification system? @Emilynicole999 Question 4 options: microscope electricity printing press chemical battery




Microscope is a device that can reveal the detailed ultrastructure of plant and animal cells which otherwise cannot be seen with unaided eyes due to their small sizes. Presence of specific structures such as cell wall, plastids, cilia etc. can be detected using microscope. Hence, microscope led to the development of a more detailed classification system.

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Select all that apply. There are distinct differences and similarities between prokaryotes and eukaryotes; the similarities are _____. they both have a plasma membrane and protoplasm they both have membrane-bounded organelles they both have DNA they both have a distinct nucleus


The correct answers are: they both have a plasma membrane and protoplasm, and they both have DNA.

Prokaryotes and eukaryotes share many common features some of which are as follows:

1. Cell membrane: Both the cells are surrounded by cell membrane which isolate them from surrounding environment and acts as selective barrier.

2. Genetic material: Both the cells contain DNA as their genetic material which regulates the function of the cells and is passe to the next generation.

3. Ribosomes: Both the cells have ribosomes which help in translation of mRNA in both.

4. Protoplasm: Both the cells contain protoplasm. In eukaryotes protoplasm is divided into cytoplasm and nucleoplasm.

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If meiosis produces haploid cells, how is the diploid number restored for those organisms that spend most of their life cycle in the diploid state?

The diploid number is restored when the two haploid cells combine to create a zygote. Basically when the sperm cell enters the egg cell and makes the offspring.

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The diagram shows sodium ions and potassium ions moving against their concentration gradients to cross the plasma membrane. Which statement best describes how this movement is possible? Question 4 options: The ions move across the semipermeable membrane through simple diffusion. ATP provides the energy required to move the ions across the plasma membrane by active transport. Water moves across the plasma membrane by osmosis and carries the ions with it.

The right answer is ATP provides the energy required to... by active transport.

The concentration of K + is typically 30 to 40 times higher inside the cells than outside, while the situation is reversed for Na + (see table). These differences are generated and maintained by an ATPase of the plasma membrane that behaves like a pump actively expelling 3 Na + ions to the outside of the cell and importing two K + ions inwards. Na + / K + ATPase thus decreases the intracellular concentration of positive ions. It is therefore electrogenic (and involved in the establishment of a membrane electric potential). The transport of Na + and K + is tightly coupled to the hydrolysis of ATP for the transfer of the two ions against their electrochemical gradient (primary active transport).

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Which statement describes the function of the plasma membrane

The membrane is semi permeable meaning it is selective.....

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How man states do not have geosymbols?

The answer is 50 states

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Does everything that you can see fit the definition for matter?

Yes it does fit the definition

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Explain what would happen if conditions changed that causes the seaweed to die. Now striped fish stand out to predators more than solid fish. How could natural selection result in a change to relative numbers of solid and striped fish? What important concept does this illustrate about the connection between natural selection and the environment?

Natural selection occur to give the best survival chance to the organisms. Hence, they bring about biological evolution through future generations thereby increasing the variety of living things. This survival reflects on their ability to produce more offspring. The offspring must continue to survive by competing with the resources found in nature.

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What do u call a change in state from a liquid to a gas

Going from a liquid to a gas is vapirization

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How does natural gas impact the environment?

Barely or slightly because it is natural and that it can help living things breath , non living erode like rocks or any type even at the bottom of thee ocean were it is dark / top of thee ocean

Hope this helps ◇

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Who is producing all the CO2 gas that is causing climate change

Well, basically anything that produces gas such as car, factories, etc. All of these stuff are making the CO2 increase

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Read the hypothesis below and answer the question that follows. Individuals who smoke will have a higher frequency of developing cancer later in life. Which of the following would not be a potential extraneous variable for the stated hypothesis? A. the occurrence of lung cancer in subjects B. exposure to secondhand smoke C. the amount of cigarettes smoked per day by subject D. the number of years as a smoker

Correct answer: A) The occurrence of lung cancer in subjects

The chemicals or poison that is present in the tobacco smoke is known to change the DNA of the cell. The DNA is the instructional manual of the cell that controls the cell growth and its function.

Smoking cause lung cancer as it damages the cells that line the lungs. At first the body is able to repair the damage caused but repeated exposure causes the cells to act abnormally and as a result, cancer may develop.

Hence, the correct answer would be option A.

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Riparian foliage _______. a. provides shade and shelter b. increases photosynthesis of aquatic plants c. limits the organic matter present in rivers and streams d. all of the above

Riparian foliage provides shade and shelter. The correct option among all the options that are given in the question is the first option or option "a". Riparian foliage are generally considered as natural biofilters. It protects the aquatic environment and also helps stopping excessive sedimentation. I hope the answer has helped you.

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In this equation for photosynthesis where does the first reactant come from and what happens to it in the photosynthetic process? 6CO2 + 6H2O ---> C6H12O6 + 6O2 A - Carbon Dioxide comes from the air and is broke down in the Calvin Cycle. B - Water is split to drive NADP to NADPH conversion, which is formed in the Calvin Cycle. C - Oxygen is released as a gas after water is split. D - Glucose is formed right after the Calvin Cycle


The correct answer would be A - Carbon Dioxide comes from the air and is broken down in the Calvin Cycle.

In the photosynthetic reaction, 6CO₂ + 6H₂O → C₆H₁₂O₆ + 6O₂, the first reactant is carbon dioxide (CO₂).

It is obtained from the air with the help of gaseous exchange through stomatal pores.  

It is broken down in the Calvin cycle with the help of RuBisCO enzyme.

The carbon obtained from carbon dioxide is fixed to synthesize sugar or glucose.

It takes place in the stroma of the chloroplast.

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In which phase(s) of matter are the atoms closely packed but still able to slide past each other?

The phase in which atoms are closely packed but still able to slide past each other would be liquid. In most liquids, the particles are less densely packed, giving them the ability to move around and slide past each other. Hope this answers the question.

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There is 3 plz help im in a hurry! 1: Which of the following helps to determine how easily magma flows? a. the amount of silica in the magma b. the diameter of the pipe c. the size of the crater d. the number of vents on the volcano 2: A substance made of two or more elements that have been chemically combined is a(n) ____ 3:The greater the viscosity of a liquid, the slower it flows.T F


1).    Magma is defined as a liquid which is hot in nature occurs from Earth's crust and results in the formation of lava and igneous rocks upon cooling.

When there is less silica present in the magma then magma is able to flow easily because then gas bubbles move in the upward direction and thus they are able to gently escape.

Therefore, the amount of silica in the magma helps to determine how easily magma flows.

2).    When a substance is made of two or more elements that have been chemically combined then it is called a compound.

For example, sodium chloride, water, magnesium chloride are all compounds.

3).    Viscosity is defined as the ability to resist the flow. That is, when a liquid is not able to flow easily then it means that liquid has high viscosity.

For example, viscosity of honey is more than the viscosity of water.

Thus, we can conclude that the statement greater the viscosity of a liquid, the slower it flows is true.

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Which best describes what is required for any sound wave to travel? empty space any medium solid liquid

Sound has to travel through some sort of medium. Any medium will do. 
Sound can not travel through the Vacuum of space.

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