Who performed the following actions? 1. " It came to his mind to bid his henchmen a hall to uprear..." hrothgar 2. "Heorot he named it whose message had might in many a land." hrothgar 3. "...that he heard each day the din of revel high in the hall..." 4. ".....thirty of the thanes, and thence he rushed fain of his spoil, faring homeward..." 5. "O'er Heorot he lorded, gold-bright hall, in gloomy nights...." 6. "A stout wave-walker he bade make ready." 7. "God they thanked for passing in peace o'er the paths of the sea." 8. "Straight to the strand his steed he rode....with hand of might he shook his spear, and spake in parley." 9. "Him the sturdy-in-war bespake with words, proud earl of the Weders answer made..." 10. "Gathered together,..., in the banquet-hall on bench assigned, sturdy-spirited, sat them down."

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