Why did cities in the southern 13 colonies grow slower than the northern 13 colonies

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They grew slower becuase many people wanted to join southern then northen coloine

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Why are parts of ecuador in the tropics cooler than parts of southern chile

 it is because of claimants change's

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Which statement correctly defines principalities in northern Asia in the 1200s?

I thank asia im not really sure so if its wrong than at least i tryed

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Which desert most influences human settlement in northern Africa?

Sahara........hope this helps

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Why was it important to Southerners to keep an equal number of senators from free states and slave states in Congress? Mention the defeat of the Tallmadge Amendment in your answer, please.

This was important to them since if there was more senators from the free states than slave states, the senators of the free states could get rid of slavery, and that would be crippling to the South's economy, since the slaves' workforce made up a huge part of the South's economy.

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What characteristics did the Indus Valley cities have in common

They all benefited from the rich. They had fertile soil due to their proximity to the river, which made for great harvests. 

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What is an area with dense population that encompasses more than one city?

MEGALOPOLIS is a common term that is used to describe an area with a dense population that encompasses more than one city.
The term came from the Greeks because they were regarded as the first civilizations that developed a strong Architectural knowledge and contributed heavily to developments that we see in the modern age.

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What was the term given to white southern members of the Republican Party

Redemption its from apex and idk why theres a 20 word min limit

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What is one way southern Democrats denied African-Americans voting rights?

With the ✔️Literacy tests
Some states imposed literacy tests that required voters read and explain a section of the Constitution (kept freedmen and poor whites from voting since they had little education)

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A blank who lived inland floated their goods down rivers to port cities

What's the question

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Which modification to the environment would most likely need to be made to grow cotton in the region directly south of the Aral Sea

The water needs to be diverted to the Southern region, in order to make it fit for cultivating cotton in the area. Dry air and high carbon dioxide concentrations also need to be tackled for proper growth. Rainfall harvest systems need to be developed further. The salinity of water should also be reduced, for using water for irrigation. 

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Who must approve the budget created by washington, dc's city council?

Congress must approve it

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Why did Greeks form city-states?

The farmers that were in Athens could not support the growing population with enough grain so they made city states. 

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What forms of government are found in Ohio cities

Here are also several levels of local government in Ohio: counties, municipalities (cities and villages), townships, special districts and school districts.

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England increased taxes in the colonies to help pay for the debt that resulted from __________. the French Revolution the American Revolution the Spanish American War the French and Indian War

The answer is D, the French and Indian war. This directly preceded the American Revolution, and indeed played a large part in causing it. The Spanish-American war came later, and England was not involved in the French Revolution.

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"Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are at their highest level in more than 200,000 years and climbing sharply." -- US President Bill Clinton, at UN General Assembly special session, June 1997 The president's quote reflects a growing concern about A global warming B natural disaster C illegal immigrants D disease epidemics

The correct answer is A.

The emissions of greenhouse gases, which are mostly generated by the combustion of fossil fuels (oil, coal and gas), used massively on industries throught the world, are the main cause of the global warming.

At the UN General Assembly in 1997, President Clinton aimed to create some degree of awareness about this situation with his speech, as it is a global problem that need to be approched jointly by all nations.

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Air pollution was a major problem for this city as it hosted the Summer Olympics. tokyo Manila Beijing New Delhi

I'd say the answer is Beijing. They have air pollution pretty rough.

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What do most Venezuelan cities have? Bolivar Zoo Bolivar Industry Bolivar Plaza de Toros Plaza Bolívar

Most Venezuelan cities have Plaza Bolívar.


To add, Bolívar Square is an example and is one of the most important and recognized Venezuelan public spaces. It is located in the center of the first 25 blocks of Caracas when it was founded as "Santiago de León de Caracas" in 1567.

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