Why is DNA important to every living thing

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DNA is what gives genetic instructions for the development and functions of all living things.
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All mollusks that live in water have ___________. a. a heart. b. gills. c. lungs. d. arteries

They have gills....................

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Which is a biological effect of low exposure to radiation? DNA damage cell, tissue, and organ death death of the organism acute radiation syndrome

A biological effect of low exposure to radiation is DNA damage.
This type of damage refers to the modification of the chemical structure of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) and it can occur in the form of a base missing from the DNA, a break in one of its strands, etc. All of this can happen naturally even, however, the process if accelerated by exposure to radiation. High exposure to radiation can lead to cancer and death.

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How does natural gas affect the way humans live

Cleaner burning than other fossil fuels, the combustion of natural gas produces negligible amounts of sulfur, mercury, and particulates. Burning natural gas doesproduce nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are precursors to smog, but at lower levels than gasoline and diesel used for motor vehicles. if the environment will be worst than it is very difficult us to breath 

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During its life cycle, an amphibian lives both on land and in water.

Whats your question here?

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Which process is the most important for cloud formation? A. cooling by contact with a cold surface B. cooling by compression of air C. cooling by expansion of air D. cooling by radiation from Earth's surface

Answer: Option (C) is the correct answer.


When moisture present in the air rises and cools by expanding into the atmosphere then this result in vapourization of water.

When this vapour condenses into small water droplets then it results in the formation of clouds.

Thus we can conclude that cooling by expansion of air is a process which is most important for cloud formation.

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What is the idea of spontaneous generation? A. Life comes from other living things B. Life comes from reproduction of biotic things C.Life comes from non-living things like the air

C. Life comes from non-living things like the air. Also known as anomalous generation, this idea is based on pre-Aristotelian philosophers that believed that organisms such as mites could be formed from non-living things such as dust. Some of these ideas were adopted into Christianity and the most famous modern tests to test this theory were performed by Pasteur.

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The transfer of a section of DNA from one organism into the DNA of another organism by scientist is called


hope this helps!

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Which element of the scientific process includes the greatest amount of information about living things?

I would say its hydrogen, as it makes 51% of the cell constituents. This is followed by oxygen, which makes up 24% of the cell, and then carbon which is present as 11% of the total mass. Nitrogen makes up 4% of the cell, followed by other elements like phosphorous.

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If 0.78% of a radioactive substance remains, then how many half-lives have passed? 3 7 6 4

The answer would be 7 because of this solution:

You divide (1|2) and then divide it by 7.

The answer should be 0.78% of the remaining half-lives after 7. Because of the remaining radioactive substance that happens during that 0.78 percentage.

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The table below provides percent ionization values to indicate the extent that 0.1M solutions of certain weak acids ionize in water according to the generic equation, HA + H2O Imported Asset H3O+ + A−. How are percent ionization values similar to equilibrium constant values? Explain your reasoning and identify which weak acid would have the smallest equilibrium constant. Weak Acid: 1. HNO2 2. HClO2 3. HCN Percent Ionization: 1. 6.2% 2. 28.2% 3. 0.007%

The acid dissociates as following:
HA + H₂O ↔ H₃O⁺ + A⁻
The value of percent ionization shows how much of HA molecules has dissociated, while the equilibrium constant value is calculated as follows:
K = [H₃O⁺] x [A⁻] / [HA]
The concentrations of H₃O⁺ and A⁻ depend on the amount of HA that has dissociated, same as the value of percent ionization, so the values of percent ionization and equilibrium constant are similar because they describe the same process. Comparing the values of ionization percent can be also used to determine if some acid is weak or strong, and to compare the strength of different acids, the same as equilibrium constant.

The smallest the values of ionization percent the acid is weaker.
Because 0.007% < 6.2 % < 28.2%, the strength of the acids increase as:
HCN < HNO₂ < HClO₂, which means that HCN is the weakest, while HClO₂ is the strongest of the listed acids.

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All of the information needed to make proteins is coded in DNA by?

         The order of bases        

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A tick living on a dog is mutualism or commenalism

Neither. Mutualism is when both organisms benefit from the relationship, and commensalism is when neither of them benefit. 

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A sample of radium-226 contains 1.0×108 atoms of radium-226. How many atoms of radium-226 will remain in the sample after three half-lives?

After 3 half lives it will be (1/2)^3 or 1/8 of original

1/8 times 10^8=1.25 x 10⁶ atoms left

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Why is it important to test sending an electronic résumé before sending it to an employer?

It is extremely important to test sending an electronic resume before sending it to an employer. This is because the test will allow you to see the resume as the employer will see it. This means that if there any mistakes in it (spelling, formatting, etc.) you will be able to see them before you send the final copy. Moreover, this will allow you to ensure that the resume is sent in the way you want it to be, and that it is legible for the employer.

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You started with 64 g of a radioactive substance. If you have 4.0 g of that substance left, then how many half-lives have elapsed? a.2 b.3 c.4 d.5

Answer: C) 4

Explanation: Half life is the time in which the amount of a radioactive substance remains halve of its initial amount. For example, half life of carbon-14 is 5730 years. It means if we have 4 grams of carbon-14 then it will remain 2 grams after 5730 years.

For the given problem, the initial amount of a radioactive substance is 64 grams, if 4.0 grams of that substance left, then how many half-lives have elapsed.

So, Its asking to calculate the number of half-lives. The formula used for this is:


where, A0 is the initial amount and A is final amount and n is the number of half-lives.

Let's plug in the values in the formula.




n = 4

So, there will be 4 half-lives and hence C is the correct choice.

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List 5 of the 8 characteristics that define something as living

Made of cells
Grow and Develop
Respond to their Environment
Genetic code

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What is the term that describe two species living together

The answer is symbiosis :)

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A sample originally contained 1.28 g of a radioisotope. It now contains 1.12 g of its daughter isotope. How many half-lives have passed since the sample originally formed?

Answer: 3 half lives

Solution :

Formula used :



a = amount of reactant left after n-half lives = initial amount - amount of daughter isotope= (1.28-1.12)= 0.16 g

a_o = Initial amount of the reactant = 1.28 g

n = number of half lives = ?

Putting values in above equation, we get:





Therefore,  3 half-lives have passed since the sample originally formed.

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Can humans can live without using natural resources.

Do u have any choices?

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The iodine-131 radioisotope is most commonly used to:detect thyroid problems in peopledate fossils from organisms that once lived a very long time agomeasure the amount of radiation in an areatreat cancer in patients

I think the correct answer would be detect thyroid problems in people. The iodine-131 radioisotope is used in medical purposes especially in detecting thyroid illnesses. This radioisotope is absorbed into the bloodstream in the GI tract and monitor the thyroid glands in the body.

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What is the percent of carbon-14 remaining after two half-lives?

After one half-life, one half is remaining.  After two half-lives one fourth is remaining.  So that would be 25%

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______ is the genetic DNA makeup of the organism. Example: Hh

A. Genotype is the correct answer I hope this helps

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Why is air so important for us and please don't put because we will die I need four answers please

Air is important because it contains the gases need to support plants, animals, and humans. Also without air earths temperature would drop to below freezing.

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What Is so important of air for humans beans

It keeps us alive so we can breath

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Why are rules important to scientists

Answer: Using a scientific method (which has certain rules) lead to a final result that can be analytical, clear, precise and explanatory.


The scientific method is the set of logical procedures that research follows to discover the internal and external relationships of the processes of natural and social reality. So, if a scientific is following a certaing method, allows him to:


The scientific method breaks down everything that deals with its elements; try to understand the total situation in terms of its components; try to discover the elements that make up each totality and the interrelations that explain its integration. For this reason, the problems of science are partial and so with their solutions, even more: the problems are narrow at the beginning, but they are expanding as the investigation progresses.


The clarity and precision of the scientific method is achieved in the following ways

The problems are formulated in a clear way, for which, we must distinguish the problems and, we will include in them the fundamental concepts or categories.

The scientific method invents artificial languages ​​using symbols and signs; These symbols are given meanings determined by means of designation rules.


All knowledge must pass the experience test, that is, observational and experimental. For this reason, factual science is empirical in the sense that the verification of its hypotheses involves experience; but it is not necessarily experimental and, therefore, it is not depleted by laboratory science.

-Have ways to EXPLAIN:

Try to explain the facts in terms of laws, and laws in terms of principles; In addition to responding to the way things are, he also responds to the reasons, because the facts happen as they happen and not otherwise.

The scientific explanation is always done in terms of laws.

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Which natural polymers are involved with making clothing? wool, silkworm cocoon, and cellulose wool, nylon, and DNA starch, nylon, and DNA starch, silkworm cocoon, and cellulose

Answer : Wool, Silkworm cocoon, Cellulose and starch are the natural polymers which are involved in making clothing.

Explanation :

Natural Polymer are those substance which are obtained from nature. Examples : Cellulose, wool, silkworm cocoon, starch, protein, DNA, etc.

Wool comes from sheep, rabbit hair and it is used for making cloths, soft toys, etc.

Silkworm cocoon is a type of protein which comes from silkworm, caterpillar and it is used for making cloths, parachutes, bicycle tires, etc.

Cellulose comes from plants and the purest form of cellulose is cotton and it is used for making cloths, paper, etc.

Starch also comes from plants ( grains, potatoes, cereals etc) and it is used for making cloths, food processing, health & beauty products, etc.

And all other are synthetic polymers.

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